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Legz in Nike Shox Turbo VIII

Do you like leggings? I love leggings, especially black ones. They grab your attention and draw it down to a woman’s sexy ankles, they give her running shoes center stage… and voilà – she’s not wearing socks! Heart-stopping.

Our model Legz looks unbelievable in these photos from a few years ago. Here she’s trying on these size 8.5 Nike Shox Turbo 8’s just for fun.

Legz in Shox Turbo
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TBT – A story about Jo in Shox Turbo

Here’s a fun throwback Thursday photo set and a bit of a fantasy story to go with it.

Imagine you get in your friend Jo’s car; you just lost a bet at the gym with her, she kicked your ass and now you owe her a long session of massaging her feet. You noticed she was wearing flashy sneakers on the treadmill but as you sit in the car you peek over the center console to get more details about her shoes… Surprise! Her bright pink shoes are in fact Nike Shox Turbo; you’ve never seen these ones, they’re entirely made of a plasticky kinda leather… Then you realize that you can actually smell her feet — while she’s driving the car! That’s just insane.

Jo's Nike Shox
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You lean over for a closer look, to make sure you’re not dreaming. That’s right, she’s not wearing socks. You wonder if it’s an accident so you conjure up the balls to mention something.

– ” Hey, love your running shoes by the way, never seen these colors. Do you have really short socks on? Looks like you’re not wearing any…”

Jo: – “Thanks! I looove these shoes, I probably wear them too often… like.. pretty much every day… And yeah, sorry I’m not wearing socks in them. I never wear socks. I think it looks so much better!”

Jo in Shox Turbo
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OK, now you’re in trouble. You lost this bet on purpose to get to this hottie’s feet. Now they smell so much it’s already noticeable in the car… You’ve seen a few girls who didn’t wear socks in running shoes but you’ve never actually been with one. Do you think you can deal with that?

Jo's Shox Turbo
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Who wore them best? Cinderella in Shox Turbo III

A while before CityGirl first tried them on, these Nike Shox Turbo III came out of the stockroom for Cinderella to try on as well. The girls wear the same size so it’s not the only time you’re going to see them having tried on the exact same shoes. Stay tuned for that!

Which girl did you like best wearing these shoes? CityGirl with her slender runner’s legs and narrow ankles? Cinderella with her athletic body and sexy curves? I’m on the fence!

Enjoy the images and don’t hesitate to leave us your comments as usual!

Cinderella in Shox Turbo III
Cinderella in Shox Turbo III



Cinderella trying on Nike Shox Turbo IV

How about a few shots of Cinderella? Last time she was in here she went through the shoes in the stockroom and found these Nike Shox Turbo IV to try on. She liked them but being a size 8 they were a bit big for her… I soon found someone who really loved them though, you can check out our other model Superfox wearing them here.

In the mean time enjoy the photos… Oh and I hope nobody minds but it looks like Cinderella found the room a bit hot. Must have been the lights?!? ;-)




Another new girl, Superfox

I met another girl recently who was very interested in what I’m doing here. She’s a runner like many of the other models on the site and her shoe size is 8 or 8.5. Of course she’s very comfortable wearing her running shoes without socks, she likes it whether she’s going jogging or everyday casual wear.

I gave Superfox a pair of Nike Shox Turbo IV running shoes in size 8 to try out as a casual shoe when we first met. She traveled with them, wore them regularly and had been wearing them all day when we met for her first photo session. There’s already nice imprints inside them and she told me she never thought running shoes could smell this strong.

She’s worried it’s becoming too much, I told her she was doing a great job and I hope you’ll send her some nice comments if you’d like her to keep going!

Cinderella in Nike Shox Turbo

Cinderella was in a great mood when she came to visit, she really liked the whole staircase concept I have going on right now for the photos. Plus I had a few pairs of shoes for her to try on which is always fun.

She ran upstairs to change as soon as she walked in and this is what I got when she came back out. I think she was on fire, you let me know what you think… I can promise you it’s just the beginning; in the mean time enjoy these images.