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Gazelle in Asics Nimbus 13

After she wore her Asics Kinsei 3 for the better part of a year and made them smell so much that she couldn’t stand them any more I had to find Gazelle a good replacement shoe.

Last year I saw a woman wearing silver Asics Nimbus 13 running shoes without socks and even though the shoes don’t look spectacular by themselves I thought they were especially sexy on bare feet. Now, if you want a pair of Asics shoes to smell a lot, you have to give them to Gazelle…

… So that’s exactly what I did; Gazelle’s are a size 9.5 and in these photos she’s trying them on for the first time. Enjoy!

Gazelle in Asics Nimbus 13Gazelle in Asics Nimbus 13

SM in Nike Shox Turbo IV SL

I must have done something good recently because last night I got to enjoy SM’s feet after she had been wearing her infamous Shox Turbo IV SL all day. If you can’t stand reading about really stinky shoes now is a good time to click on the photo are forget about reading this post. :-)

If you’re still interested then hear this: I don’t think there are any  running shoes on planet Earth that smell this strong, especially not while looking nice and clean outside, and especially not worn by a really hot sporty hottie. It’s a big statement but I stand by it.

These Nike’s are a size 8.5 like the rest of SM’s shoe collection, and their outsides are entirely synthetic leather. The insides are absorbent materials and for some reason they combine with SM’s body chemistry to produce some of the most insane smell I’ve ever dealt with. These shoes make SM’s feet burning hot, the shoes themselves feet hot to touch while she wears them and when she takes them off SM’s feet remain covered in a hot sticky layer of really concentrated sweat that refuses to wash off (or get licked away!). It lasts forever.

If you’ve been looking for very interesting shoes for your wife or girlfriend then finding a pair of these may be difficult but it’s certainly worth searching for. Otherwise you can enjoy this mega photo shoot I’m reposting from a while ago. Lots and lots of bare feet and insole photos at the end (11 pages!)

Click to enjoy!SM in Shox Turbo IV SLSM in Shox Turbo IV SL



Meet our new model

All right, here is a first look at our new model, nicknamed “Fleet” for her light frame and fast athletic shape. Everything about Fleet’s body is meant for running, from her low body fat to her very long toned legs all the way down to the precious feet that carry her the distance.

Fleet always thought running shoes felt great to wear without socks but like most people she wore socks in order to keep her shoes in nice shape as long as possible. They’re expensive to replace after all! I explained we would help her with the shoes and she was very happy to give up the socks. She enjoyed the photo session and she even liked these Nike Air Max Moto +5 shoes I had brought her.

Since our meeting she’s gone running several times in her Nikes, always without socks; she’s also getting used to wear them for entire days in order to improve their condition.

Fleet is a little worried that her shoes might smell too much; I told her it just wasn’t possible. What do you guys think? Leave her some comments, she’s very interested in your opinion!

Fleet in Nike MotoFleet in Nike Moto

CityGirl’s Worn Out Asics Kinsei

Anybody here want these? Or do I just list them on eBay?

These shoes have never been worn with socks, ever since they were new. They were comfortable enough to convince CityGirl to give up wearing socks completely, she’s done a very nice job with them! They’ve only been used for training and running, she didn’t wear them casually.

I’m not going to put a price on them, let’s just say we need funding to buy new shoes and nice clothing for our models! Email me if you have any questions, let’s talk. webmaster@runningtradein.com

CityGirl's Worn Asics Kinsei 3CityGirl's Worn Asics Kinsei 3

That blurry candid shot…

So I’m out jogging one early morning and I spot this girl crossing the street toward me, tights, bare ankles and Asics Nimbus 14 running shoes. A few strides later I’m pretty sure she’s not wearing socks in her Asics… This shot is all I could do without stopping running which would have been way too obvious! Oh well…

Do you have shots that would have been awesome but you just couldn’t pull off?

Blurry candid
Blurry candid


Who wore them best? Cinderella in Shox Turbo III

A while before CityGirl first tried them on, these Nike Shox Turbo III came out of the stockroom for Cinderella to try on as well. The girls wear the same size so it’s not the only time you’re going to see them having tried on the exact same shoes. Stay tuned for that!

Which girl did you like best wearing these shoes? CityGirl with her slender runner’s legs and narrow ankles? Cinderella with her athletic body and sexy curves? I’m on the fence!

Enjoy the images and don’t hesitate to leave us your comments as usual!

Cinderella in Shox Turbo III
Cinderella in Shox Turbo III



Gazelle in Nike Free

It should be pretty obvious that I’m no fan of Nike Free’s – I know they’re running shoes but they just don’t do it for me somehow. However I know several visitors of the site really like them and some of the models do too!

Case in point, Gazelle has this pair that she runs in, always without socks. I figured since she was standing right there in front of my camera I may as well have her slip them on for a few photos… I don’t know any specifics, what model / series are those?

Let us know what you think. :-)

p.s.: Doesn’t she have fantastic feet too?

Gazelle in Nike Free
Gazelle in Nike Free