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SM in Nike Shox Turbo IV SL

I must have done something good recently because last night I got to enjoy SM’s feet after she had been wearing her infamous Shox Turbo IV SL all day. If you can’t stand reading about really stinky shoes now is a good time to click on the photo are forget about reading this post. :-)

If you’re still interested then hear this: I don’t think there are any  running shoes on planet Earth that smell this strong, especially not while looking nice and clean outside, and especially not worn by a really hot sporty hottie. It’s a big statement but I stand by it.

These Nike’s are a size 8.5 like the rest of SM’s shoe collection, and their outsides are entirely synthetic leather. The insides are absorbent materials and for some reason they combine with SM’s body chemistry to produce some of the most insane smell I’ve ever dealt with. These shoes make SM’s feet burning hot, the shoes themselves feet hot to touch while she wears them and when she takes them off SM’s feet remain covered in a hot sticky layer of really concentrated sweat that refuses to wash off (or get licked away!). It lasts forever.

If you’ve been looking for very interesting shoes for your wife or girlfriend then finding a pair of these may be difficult but it’s certainly worth searching for. Otherwise you can enjoy this mega photo shoot I’m reposting from a while ago. Lots and lots of bare feet and insole photos at the end (11 pages!)

Click to enjoy!SM in Shox Turbo IV SLSM in Shox Turbo IV SL



Wish Lists?

So I see on various sites that women have wish lists, what do you think about that?  Would you guys be interested in seeing what the girls on this site are longing after?

Our model SM has been obsessing about Lululemon’s Wren Camo shorts and leggings lately, and she’s infatuated with these Nike Air Max 95’s in Hot Punch too. Wouldn’t that look hot on her?



TBT – Shox Navina

The shots in this megapost (10 pages of photos!) date back from 2008. These shoes have been sold once and since then SM has procured another pair I’ve posted a few teaser shots of.

You are looking at one of SM’s best pair of shoes ever; she absolutely loved them. She worked out hard in them and she’d spend weeks wearing them every day too. They were also one of her most impressive accomplishments when it comes to smell, despite their clean look outside I have yet to have another model end up with shoes that smelled that much. I’m not sure it’s even possible.

Click on the photos to access the gallery. Send your comments too, it’s always appreciated!

SM in Shox Navina

SM in Shox Navina

SM in Reebok Easytone

I was in Florida for a buddy’s wedding in the last few days and it reminded me of this photo set. Early mornings by the beach there is a huge stream of athletic women of all shapes and sizes walking and jogging; there’s something for everyone.

Check out SM in this photo session from last year, unlike other pretty girls with sexy legs you can rest assured that SM never wears socks, and if she’s jogging near the beach her shoes and feet are guaranteed to smell incredible!

SM in Reebok Easytone

SM in Nike Shox NZ SL

It’s one of the things I’ve always found impressive about our fantastic model SM. She’s always loved leather Nike Shox running shoes and she likes wearing them without socks. On a hot summer day. At the gym running on a treadmill. All day at work. Anything.

These particular Shox NZ have a thick absorbent interior material, they smell ten times more than her more breathable all-fabric Nike Shox too! She doesn’t mind the insane smell since none of it can escape while she’s wearing them, nobody notices it; until she takes them off obviously…

Sorry for the cell phone photos, that’s all I had. Any comments?

Photos of the insoles here:

SM in Nike Shox NZ SL
SM in Nike Shox NZ SL








SM in Reebok Easytone

During the summer I uploaded a little cell phone video of SM walking around in her Reebok Easytone running shoes. Here is a photo set that accompanies that outing.

Most of the EasyTone series of Reebok running shoes have their insides lined with an Agion fabric with antimicrobial properties; this effectively reduces the odor that can develop in shoes, especially worn without socks. I’m not sure if it works for other women but SM’s EasyTones smell really strong either way…

SM in Reebok Easytone
SM in Reebok Easytone