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With the cold winters we have up here by mid February I’m starting to suffer serious from withdrawal when it comes to my “women in running shoes” addiction…

Oh how I miss the +30 C. hot summer days where my girlfriend comes home from jogging and her running partner who is trying out jogging without socks looked something like this. Wicked.

Gazelle taking off Asics Nimbus

In a previous post I asked Gazelle if she’d come for some photos one day where she planned a training run. She was happy to oblige and after running for about an hour she came back to take off her Asics Nimbus VIII and show us her sexy (sweaty) legs and pretty (smelly) feet. It’s really hot under the studio lights, after she had some cold water Gazelle was really looking forward to take the Asics off her overheating feet.

The shoes felt hot and heavy from sweat after she took them off, they really smelled a lot. The delicate skin on top of her feet had imprints of the shoe’s tongue and although they were red in some spots from the hour-long run Gazelle said this is normal and it doesn’t bother her.

Let her know what you think, leave her some comments!

Gazelle taking off Asics Nimbus VIII
Gazelle taking off Asics Nimbus VIII