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Look what I found

Last week I spoke about this website to a real nice girl, a friend of mine. She was surprised and amused by my proposal but still considered it seriously enough to accept doing a photo session. It went better than I hoped and I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a fantastic addition to the site.

  • Shoe size: 6.5 or 7.0
  • One of the fittest women to ever grace these pages
  • Didn’t flinch when I confiscated all her socks
  • Would really like to sell her used shoes

Here’s a sneak peek for now, the short shorts are coming later. ;-)


SM in Reebok Easytone

I was in Florida for a buddy’s wedding in the last few days and it reminded me of this photo set. Early mornings by the beach there is a huge stream of athletic women of all shapes and sizes walking and jogging; there’s something for everyone.

Check out SM in this photo session from last year, unlike other pretty girls with sexy legs you can rest assured that SM never wears socks, and if she’s jogging near the beach her shoes and feet are guaranteed to smell incredible!

SM in Reebok Easytone

Gazelle in Reebok EasyTone

Gazelle was curious to try Reebok’s EasyTone shoes and evaluate for herself how they felt. She’s wearing them casually, around the house and such. She liked how soft and seamless they feel on her pretty feet and she thinks they’ll do well as a casual shoe.

The ads Reebok have been running on those shoes always feature hot models wearing them; I thought it would be fun to try them on one of our very own hotties!


Gazelle in EasyTone
Gazelle in EasyTone

SM in Reebok Easytone

During the summer I uploaded a little cell phone video of SM walking around in her Reebok Easytone running shoes. Here is a photo set that accompanies that outing.

Most of the EasyTone series of Reebok running shoes have their insides lined with an Agion fabric with antimicrobial properties; this effectively reduces the odor that can develop in shoes, especially worn without socks. I’m not sure if it works for other women but SM’s EasyTones smell really strong either way…

SM in Reebok Easytone
SM in Reebok Easytone

Walking around with SM

I was out for a long walk and since SM was wearing her Reebok EasyTone running shoes I figured I’d try a little video.

It’s been a long time since she’s had running shoes that smell that much; she’s been wearing them a lot and they are just unbelievable. Especially in this scorching sun!

… Anybody notice something new? Have you put my personal story together yet? ;-)

Ashley Tisdale in Reebok running shoes

This huge photo set is a couple years old but it’s well worth posting on my blog. Ashley Tisdale used to have a few pairs of Reebok running shoes and she wore socks in them. She must have found it comfortable, and it definitely looked nicer than the short socks most celebrities wear for their workouts.

Here she is leaving her gym after a workout; I think the whole thing was extremely sexy, don’t you?