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Last Chance – Gazelle’s Asics Nimbus

These are the most unbelievably stinky shoes Gazelle has ever produced. She’s outdone her great Asics Kinsei. She’s gotten these right on par with SM’s crazy leather Nike Shox Turbo IV.

Gazelle ran 45 minutes to come meet me and the shoes are still damp from her sweat as I write this post. They’re stinking up the entire studio area; I don’t know how long it will last though… Send me an email if you’re interested in buying them, there’s a bit more time left before I go to the post office tomorrow to mail them out.

Stinky Asics
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For Sale – Gazelle’s Yellow Nimbus 15

I’ve been out of town for some time now but I’m coming back Sunday and to start things up again I’m meeting with Gazelle for a photo session. I have a bunch of shoes to ship out and since Gazelle is ready to sell her neon yellow Asics Nimbus 15 I’ll be able to mail them immediately after they come off her feet.

How to buy them? Email me your offers – best one wins. Price has to at least cover the purchase of a brand new pair of similar shoes!

I don’t have photos of what they look like now, sorry. Refer back to this previous post if you’d like to see what kind of results Gazelle usually gets with her shoes!

To celebrate this an ultra high-rez photo shoot of Gazelle modeling these shoes is available in the Photo Store for only 0.90$ - the lowest price allowed by our shopping cart software!

Gazelle in Nimbus 15
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Gazelle’s Asics Nimbus 15

** These shoes will be for sale in the fall **

Gazelle shows off her Asics Gel Nimbus 15 in a size 9.5. The shoes are new in these photos, since then Gazelle has managed to make them smell more than her previous Asics Kinsei 3. It’s impressive to say the least. I think it’s especially hot considering how beautiful Gazelle’s feet are; she’s extremely blessed.

We’re going to sell these shoes in the fall while they’re at their best; straight off her bare feet after a summer of hard wear. Contact me if you’d like a chance to purchase them!

Gazelle in Nimbus 15

Gazelle in Asics Nimbus 13

After she wore her Asics Kinsei 3 for the better part of a year and made them smell so much that she couldn’t stand them any more I had to find Gazelle a good replacement shoe.

Last year I saw a woman wearing silver Asics Nimbus 13 running shoes without socks and even though the shoes don’t look spectacular by themselves I thought they were especially sexy on bare feet. Now, if you want a pair of Asics shoes to smell a lot, you have to give them to Gazelle…

… So that’s exactly what I did; Gazelle’s are a size 9.5 and in these photos she’s trying them on for the first time. Enjoy!

Gazelle in Asics Nimbus 13Gazelle in Asics Nimbus 13

Fleet in Asics Nimbus 14

** If you don’t like skinny / sculpted / cut / fit / thin / runner girls move on right away! **

Our new model Fleet was in marathon shape when we took these pictures, shortly after one of her races.  She was trying on those Asics Nimbus 14 shoes and really liked them. She’s committed to running without socks now, I think she’s a great addition to the site and I hope she’ll do well!

This is our 100th image gallery posted under the website’s new format. I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride so far? Cheers,

Fleet in Asics Nimbus 14


Why don’t you guys start sending in your contributions once in a while? I’d love to post your photos and share with the community, I’ll give credit if you want it- or keep it totally anonymous if you prefer!

Email: webmaster@runningtradein.com

I know you’re taking photos once in a while, it’s too easy with a smartphone nowadays… Maybe it’s a girl at the gym, your neighbor, wife or girlfriend… Here’s one sent in by a visitor who convinced his wife to try running without socks. He said she’s still getting used to it but apparently her Asics Nimbus 13 already smell a lot more and she doesn’t seem to mind it. I don’t know if it’s real or not, but the photo is nice so here it goes.

What do you think, it’s a nice change from my “organized” photo sessions no?

Candid Nimbus 13

Gazelle’s Asics Nimbus X

We took a huge photo set when we retired Gazelle’s marathon-tested Asics Nimbus X running shoes. She ran in them in the rain a lot, in winter, in grass and slush. There’s been times where they smelled impossibly strong, then they would get soaked in the rain, washing the smell away…

They’ve been sitting in her closet unused so we’re getting rid of them, they’re very worn but they’ve lost most of their incredible smell sadly. Lots of photos of her long legs and sexy feet in this image gallery.

eBay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111350732162

Click on the images and leave her your comments! Gazelle in Asics Nimbus



Gazelle in Asics Nimbus