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TBT – Shox Navina

The shots in this megapost (10 pages of photos!) date back from 2008. These shoes have been sold once and since then SM has procured another pair I’ve posted a few teaser shots of.

You are looking at one of SM’s best pair of shoes ever; she absolutely loved them. She worked out hard in them and she’d spend weeks wearing them every day too. They were also one of her most impressive accomplishments when it comes to smell, despite their clean look outside I have yet to have another model end up with shoes that smelled that much. I’m not sure it’s even possible.

Click on the photos to access the gallery. Send your comments too, it’s always appreciated!

SM in Shox Navina

SM in Shox Navina

Globetrotter in Shox Navina 3

A few months ago I posted a Mystery Girl, several guessed right – it was Globetrotter. In these photos she was trying on a pair of Nike Shox Navina 3 which she really liked; she decided to keep them.

These shoes are a women’s size 5, that’s how small her feet are! She said they fit perfectly, there would be no room for socks in them and that’s fine since she never wears any…

I didn’t have my trusty studio lights and camera when I took these photos so the quality really blows. We’ll get better shots this summer. :-)

Globetrotter in Nike Shox Navina 3
Globetrotter in Nike Shox Navina 3

Gazelle taking off Nike Shox Navina

After she paraded them around a few times in a previous post Gazelle eventually took off her Nike Shox Navina. If you like Gazelle’s bare feet you’re going to enjoy this post; lots of insole shots as well; let us know what you think!

These shoes smelled really strong, she thought it was a bit much in fact… We kept them in storage since then while she “worked” on other shoes. We’ll sell the shoes some day but I have to convince her to wear them for a few weeks and to the gym beforehand!

Enjoy the pics,

Gazelle taking off Nike Shox Navina
Gazelle taking off Nike Shox Navina

Gazelle in her Nike Shox Navina

A while ago I posted two image galleries of Gazelle in her Nike Shox Navina. In this new set she models them in her spanky youga shorts after she’s had a chance to wear them quite a bit more. She got a little embarrassed with these shoes because their clean-ish appearance is deceiving, they smell stronger than she’d ever thought possible…

It’s going to take some serious convincing to get her to wear them some more, she’s worried that they smell way too much. Is there such a thing as too much, what do you think? Post up some comments!

Gazelle’s Nike Shox Navina 2

Some time before the Holidays one of our great sponsors offered Gazelle a pair of black Nike Shox Navina 2 running shoes. Here are some images taken when she slipped them on her bare feet for the very first time.

She had to work a little harder to get these shoes on, running shoes are always tight when they’re brand new and in this case Gazelle’s feet were already very sweaty from wearing other running shoes all day. It was well worth the effort though, don’t you think?

Gazelle and her first Nike Shox

When I met up with Gazelle for her very first photos I set her up with several pairs of running shoes so she could try them out and we could see how things went.

These Nike Shox Navina are some of our all-time favorites here, they’re very soft and absorbent inside, they look real sexy when worn without socks and they always seem to smell really strong no matter who wears them. It seemed logical to have Gazelle try wearing a pair, as a bonus these shoes have the bright red Nike+ insole and I thought we’d get some nice imprints of her bare feet on those.

We’ll soon see how she did with them, in the mean time enjoy these shots I took when she first slipped her pretty feet inside these great shoes. As usual click on the image below to open the full photo gallery. Enjoy!