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Legz in Nike Shox Turbo VIII

Do you like leggings? I love leggings, especially black ones. They grab your attention and draw it down to a woman’s sexy ankles, they give her running shoes center stage… and voilĂ  – she’s not wearing socks! Heart-stopping.

Our model Legz looks unbelievable in these photos from a few years ago. Here she’s trying on these size 8.5 Nike Shox Turbo 8’s just for fun.

Legz in Shox Turbo
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Legz in Nike Moto +5

I can’t explain why but I’ve always loved these running shoes, especially in this colorway. There was a woman at a gym I used to work out at who wore hers with what I assumed were very short socks but I couldn’t really see them… She either did a spinning class or she ran on a treadmill as a workout.

One day she sat down near me to stretch after her run and decided to take her shoes off; to my amazement she wasn’t wearing socks at all… Best part is since her insoles had come out partially, stuck to her sweaty feet she took them out completely to replace them properly. They had super dark imprints of her bare feet on them and it looked like maybe she never did wear socks! I didn’t get a chance to speak to her either, damn shame – she would have been a great model!

How about a few photos of Legz wearing hers while I’m at it?
Legz in Nike Moto




Legz in Nike Air Max Moto +5

Legz is a model whom I met a while ago, during a previous incarnation of this website. I still have photos of her from years ago that I never published; and she’s still running without socks too… I see her once in a while, she’s going to be back to model for sure.

Here she was trying on her new Nike Air Max Moto +5 for the first time.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of course!

Legz in Nike Air Max Moto +5
Legz in Nike Air Max Moto +5