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Fleet in Nike Shox Experience

In this ultra high-rez photo set Fleet’s shoes and feet are larger than in real life on your screen; over 4000 pixels in some shots. Every inch of her impressive legs, ankles and her sexy feet are on display in great detail.

Fleet is showing off her really smelly Nike Shox Experience running shoes; they’ve been worn to the gym and for casual wear; they’ve only ever been worn without socks and they smell a lot; especially when they’re hot off her sweaty feet!

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Fleet in Nike Shox


Gazelle in Reebok EasyTone

Gazelle was curious to try Reebok’s EasyTone shoes and evaluate for herself how they felt. She’s wearing them casually, around the house and such. She liked how soft and seamless they feel on her pretty feet and she thinks they’ll do well as a casual shoe.

The ads Reebok have been running on those shoes always feature hot models wearing them; I thought it would be fun to try them on one of our very own hotties!


Gazelle in EasyTone
Gazelle in EasyTone

Gazelle shows off Asics Kinsei 3

Our model Gazelle was very lucky this year, she received her Holiday presents in advance. One of them was this great pair of Asics Kinsei 3, supplied by a generous sponsor. These are especially comfortable shoes for a girl who doesn’t wear socks, they are really soft inside and she absolutely loves them.

It’s cold up here so I was lucky to take these photos before Gazelle went to change into long pants to go try her new running shoes outside running around the block a couple times.

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