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That blurry candid shot…

So I’m out jogging one early morning and I spot this girl crossing the street toward me, tights, bare ankles and Asics Nimbus 14 running shoes. A few strides later I’m pretty sure she’s not wearing socks in her Asics… This shot is all I could do without stopping running which would have been way too obvious! Oh well…

Do you have shots that would have been awesome but you just couldn’t pull off?

Blurry candid
Blurry candid


Olivia Munn Jogging in NYC

Check out celebrity Olivia Munn jogging in NYC last summer, stretching her legs and adjusting her sexy Reebok ZigTech running shoes… I mean, her outfit is spectacular but I think it’s just outstanding that she’s jogging without socks!

This kind of candid shot always makes me wonder if the girl intentionally didn’t wear socks or if that was a mistake like forgetting to pack them in her gym back or something… I see women who don’t wear socks at the gym or jogging once in a while but usually it’s because they forgot them, it’s rarely intentional!

Either way, Olivia couldn’t look any hotter, even if she’d been right in my studio for a photo shoot I wouldn’t have dressed her any different! What do you think?