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SM in Nike Shox Turbo IV SL

I must have done something good recently because last night I got to enjoy SM’s feet after she had been wearing her infamous Shox Turbo IV SL all day. If you can’t stand reading about really stinky shoes now is a good time to click on the photo are forget about reading this post. :-)

If you’re still interested then hear this: I don’t think there are any  running shoes on planet Earth that smell this strong, especially not while looking nice and clean outside, and especially not worn by a really hot sporty hottie. It’s a big statement but I stand by it.

These Nike’s are a size 8.5 like the rest of SM’s shoe collection, and their outsides are entirely synthetic leather. The insides are absorbent materials and for some reason they combine with SM’s body chemistry to produce some of the most insane smell I’ve ever dealt with. These shoes make SM’s feet burning hot, the shoes themselves feet hot to touch while she wears them and when she takes them off SM’s feet remain covered in a hot sticky layer of really concentrated sweat that refuses to wash off (or get licked away!). It lasts forever.

If you’ve been looking for very interesting shoes for your wife or girlfriend then finding a pair of these may be difficult but it’s certainly worth searching for. Otherwise you can enjoy this mega photo shoot I’m reposting from a while ago. Lots and lots of bare feet and insole photos at the end (11 pages!)

Click to enjoy!SM in Shox Turbo IV SLSM in Shox Turbo IV SL



Gazelle Loose Asics Kinsei

These Asics Kinsei were Gazelle’s main workout shoes last summer. Here she’s wearing them loose and untied; she likes to loosen them up after running to let her feet rest and cool off while she’s heading back home.

Gazelle in Asics Kinsei



















Click on this photo to view the gallery.

If you happen to like feet or shoes that smell especially strong these Asics were a perfect example. You could smell them while she was wearing them in the car; and after getting them sweaty and hot if she untied them their smell could fill a room.  The intense smell would transfer to your hands and fingers if you touched either the shoes or her hot sweaty feet. It’s more than you can imagine! Click these photos to enlarge them.

Do you think you could handle that ?









TBT – Shox Navina

The shots in this megapost (10 pages of photos!) date back from 2008. These shoes have been sold once and since then SM has procured another pair I’ve posted a few teaser shots of.

You are looking at one of SM’s best pair of shoes ever; she absolutely loved them. She worked out hard in them and she’d spend weeks wearing them every day too. They were also one of her most impressive accomplishments when it comes to smell, despite their clean look outside I have yet to have another model end up with shoes that smelled that much. I’m not sure it’s even possible.

Click on the photos to access the gallery. Send your comments too, it’s always appreciated!

SM in Shox Navina

SM in Shox Navina

Throwback Thursdays

I’m gonna introduce a new series of posts where I share images from the archives. I’ve been doing this for a long time now and I figure some of the newest visitors of the site might find it entertaining?

Back in early 2000’s I purchased my first digital camera. It was a Nikon Coolpix sumthin’ – way expensive but so cool compared to all the film I used to shoot!These are some of the first photos I ever took with it, featuring our long-gone model Jo.

Jo was the first “popular” girl on my various websites, she was really really good at making shoes smell ridiculously strong, these Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes were one of her best examples. Who remembers Jo?

Jo's Mizuno Wave Rider
Jo’s Mizuno Wave Rider

Gazelle taking off Nike Shox Navina

After she paraded them around a few times in a previous post Gazelle eventually took off her Nike Shox Navina. If you like Gazelle’s bare feet you’re going to enjoy this post; lots of insole shots as well; let us know what you think!

These shoes smelled really strong, she thought it was a bit much in fact… We kept them in storage since then while she “worked” on other shoes. We’ll sell the shoes some day but I have to convince her to wear them for a few weeks and to the gym beforehand!

Enjoy the pics,

Gazelle taking off Nike Shox Navina
Gazelle taking off Nike Shox Navina

Someone’s going to want this

Today I met with Gazelle for her first photo update meeting. We supplied her with several pairs of running shoes 6 months ago and this is an example of what she’s been up to.

I think she’s done a good job, let me know if you agree… She was wearing these Nike Air Max 360’s when I met her on this very nice afternoon, she told me she’d been wearing them since early morning and that she had them on most of last week and through the weekend.

She hopes she’s done a good job with these first shoes and she’s very curious to hear any comments you may have. I think she’s done very well myself, the shoes are ready to be shipped out; I’ll post them for sale on eBay but if someone really wants them now I can end the auction early. Just email me with your best offer and I can ship them out tomorrow! In the mean time these Nikes went in a shipping bag straight off her  feet and they’re still warm and damp with her sweat, needless to say they smell very potent.

Here’s a first look at the imprints on her insoles.

And we can clearly see the marks on the tops of her pretty feet from spending so much time in these shoes without socks on. Imagine the smell when you’re this close!