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Gobetrotter in Nike Flywire

Our model Globetrotter runs outside during the summer and at the end of last year her  Mizuno running shoes were starting to lose their cushioning. Globetrotter is small and very light but her tiny size 5 feet have extremely high arches that barely touch her insoles. This kills the cushioning in her shoes quickly.

She had liked her Nike Air Max Moto but she runs without socks and the fabric inside the shoes would chafe her skin when it became too sweaty… Last fall she asked if I could find other Nike Air shoes with a really soft interior and some bright colors, this is what I came up with.

These Nike Flywire are plush and soft inside, Globetrotter loved the colors and when she started running with them she said they remained comfortable even when very sweaty. Bingo! Here are the photos we took when the shoes were brand new.

Globetrotter in Nike Flywire
Globetrotter in Nike Flywire

Globetrotter in Shox Navina 3

A few months ago I posted a Mystery Girl, several guessed right – it was Globetrotter. In these photos she was trying on a pair of Nike Shox Navina 3 which she really liked; she decided to keep them.

These shoes are a women’s size 5, that’s how small her feet are! She said they fit perfectly, there would be no room for socks in them and that’s fine since she never wears any…

I didn’t have my trusty studio lights and camera when I took these photos so the quality really blows. We’ll get better shots this summer. :-)

Globetrotter in Nike Shox Navina 3
Globetrotter in Nike Shox Navina 3

Globetrotter’s Nike Air Max Moto +6

This is another pair of Globetrotter’s nice looking and impossibly small running shoes; these Nike’s are a women’s size 5. Like the rest of her shoes she wears them only without socks, although compared to the Mizuno Wave Creation I recently gave her she says these are less comfortable over long distances. Doesn’t stop her from wearing them all day and hitting the gym with them though!

Anyways, don’t forget to leave a comment if you like anything about Globetrotter and her shoes, she’s thrilled to read your comments. Maybe I’ll try to convince her to wear some shorts for the next shoot, what do you think?

I don’t know anyone else who could wear these shoes, they’re so small I can’t even put my hands inside them!

Globetrotter trying on New Balance 1222

I have no time these days, busy weeks! In the mean time here are a bunch of shots I took on my first session with our new model Globetrotter. Here feet were sweaty from having worn her Mizuno running shoes all day so she had to work a bit harder to get them in these New Balance 1222 running shoes.

In the end she thought these New Balance were a bit too big, she didn’t think she could run without socks in them… And she really doesn’t want to wear socks so I’m not complaining!

I like Globetrotter’s very high arches, what do you guys think? It’s been so hot this summer I have a feeling she’s going to leave some nice imprints inside her shoes. Enjoy the pics and drop in your comments, she’ll read them for sure!

Globetrotter takes off her Mizunos

Before we start, I’m still working hard to settle up with the sponsors who haven’t received their shoes back yet. I’ll keep you updated as I get in touch with the girls who are concerned by this situation.

In the mean time here’s the second part of my new model Globetrotter’s first photo session with me. Here she was wearing the Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes I gave her a little while ago. You’ll see she’s already doing a good job on her insoles. If you like women with small feet and very high arches this girl will certainly catch your attention.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment, she’s curious to find out what you think!


Meet one of the new models, Globetrotter

Business first. I won’t be doing any more sponsorships, I just can’t hold my end of the deal properly. In the mean time I’m doing what I can to sort the existing sponsors out. I got my hands on one pair of running shoes from one of the models this week. They’re going to go in the mail on Monday. I’m going to notify the sponsor by email as soon as I have a confirmation that the shoes were actually sent.

In the mean my new model has decided on her nickname, Globetrotter; it fits her very well. Since I gave her the new Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes she broke them in on a few short jogs and immediately wore them for a week-long trip to France where she wore her new Mizunos every day without socks. She said these shoes felt very warm and made her feet sweat a lot but she didn’t seem to mind; apparently the shoes did a great job absorbing the sweat and kept her comfortable every day.

We met up to have her try on a few other pairs of shoes and take some better photos of course. We’re taking it easy on the sexy shots until she gets used to being in front of the camera. Here’s some of her first photos.