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Positive Vibes / Contribution / Mizuno Prophecy

Props to a great visitor of the site who allowed me to post this photo, I’ve never even seen a pair of Mizuno Wave Prophecy shoes in real life; much less worn without socks by a sexy hottie like his wife. She wears a very small size 6!

Send some positive vibes over that way when you’ve got a minute, he’s being very patient with her and working smartly to help her get used to not wearing socks… Wouldn’t you be thrilled with all this potential!?

Thanks for the contributions you’re all sending in by the way, I’ll be posting all of them eventually! It’s much appreciated, keep ‘em coming.

Mizuno Prophecy
Click for (huge) full size


Why don’t you guys start sending in your contributions once in a while? I’d love to post your photos and share with the community, I’ll give credit if you want it- or keep it totally anonymous if you prefer!

Email: webmaster@runningtradein.com

I know you’re taking photos once in a while, it’s too easy with a smartphone nowadays… Maybe it’s a girl at the gym, your neighbor, wife or girlfriend… Here’s one sent in by a visitor who convinced his wife to try running without socks. He said she’s still getting used to it but apparently her Asics Nimbus 13 already smell a lot more and she doesn’t seem to mind it. I don’t know if it’s real or not, but the photo is nice so here it goes.

What do you think, it’s a nice change from my “organized” photo sessions no?

Candid Nimbus 13

Justina’s Nike Free

This new set of photos comes to us via a fan of the site who graciously contributed them. The shots are of his friend Justina, and in here she’s modeling her Nike Free running shoes for us.

I think it’s especially nice when people take the time to share their own photos with us like that, and of course it’s great to see another girl wearing running shoes without socks! Enjoy the images and don’t forget to leave a comment so the photographer and Justina can both read what you think!