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Pretty AND Tough

Time for one last homage to winter, I’m ready for girls in shorts now! In the mean time you gotta give it up to some of the girls on this webpage. Bones came to meet me in the dead of winter dressed like this.

Bones went to the gym before meeting me and she was walking home in the snow, still wearing her running shoes without socks. I see runner’s bare ankles in the winter once in a while but they’re usually wearing thermal socks, this is an incredibly rare sight!

Bones in Winter

Bones Nike Shox Experience

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted these photos or not… There’s a lot more where this came from. Bones had received this great pair of shoes from one of our sponsors and she absolutely loved them.

This set contains a lot of photos of her bare feet, you can see our working girl is a runner, that means her feet work hard too! They’re tough enough to run long distances without socks, and I’ll let you imagine what that does to her running shoes… Enjoy!

Bones trying on Asics Nimbus

A little while ago I had some shoes I needed to sell to make room in here, they were all in fairly small sizes and I thought it would be nice if Bones could help me and model them.

She didn’t mind at all when I asked, and even if most of these shoes were a little small on her bare feet, her very narrow ankles saved the day and made every pair look fantastic. Some of these shoes are now sold, others are sitting on the shelves here, we’ll see what happens.

In the mean time enjoy this first installment of Bones modeling part of my inventory!

Listed on eBay – Bones Asics Nimbus

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had shoes for sale from Bones that featured such great imprints on the insoles; she did an outstanding job with these Asics. She’s still wearing them until the day we ship them, they’re going to go straight from her feet into the mail; and if the lucky winner asks nicely I’ll try to convince her to go running before I ship her shoes out.

Here’s a link to the auction, and the shoes are posted in the store as well.


Perfect Timing

It’s a good thing I had everything ready for the photos when Bones showed up at our meeting; she had done a different run which took her about an hour instead of 45 minutes and she pushed really hard to try not being too late. She showed up at the door completely out of breath, sweat dripping down her face and she was happy for a towel and a glass of water.

We started taking photos immediately and within the first minutes something pretty cool happened; while she was running her legs were staying a bit cooler with the airflow but now that she was indoors they quickly became shiny with sweat; then a minute later there were beads of sweat running down her shins and calves, passing slowly over her sexy ankles before getting absorbed in her Asics running shoes.

It’s not something I see that often, and certainly not while I have some camera and studio gear loaded and ready to go. Of course Bones thought that was pretty cool and she was happy to hurry through the photos while her legs were that sweaty. It reflected off the lights enough that it looked almost fake but I wasn’t about to tell her to dry her legs off with the towel!

Enjoy this first batch of photos, I’ll post the rest tomorrow and the shoes will be for sale this week. Bones is still wearing them for now since she loves them so much and she’s curious to see if there’s any way in the world she can make them smell any more. I’m not sure, they’re quite good already!