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Legz in Nike Moto +5

I can’t explain why but I’ve always loved these running shoes, especially in this colorway. There was a woman at a gym I used to work out at who wore hers with what I assumed were very short socks but I couldn’t really see them… She either did a spinning class or she ran on a treadmill as a workout.

One day she sat down near me to stretch after her run and decided to take her shoes off; to my amazement she wasn’t wearing socks at all… Best part is since her insoles had come out partially, stuck to her sweaty feet she took them out completely to replace them properly. They had super dark imprints of her bare feet on them and it looked like maybe she never did wear socks! I didn’t get a chance to speak to her either, damn shame – she would have been a great model!

How about a few photos of Legz wearing hers while I’m at it?
Legz in Nike Moto




Gobetrotter in Nike Flywire

Our model Globetrotter runs outside during the summer and at the end of last year her  Mizuno running shoes were starting to lose their cushioning. Globetrotter is small and very light but her tiny size 5 feet have extremely high arches that barely touch her insoles. This kills the cushioning in her shoes quickly.

She had liked her Nike Air Max Moto but she runs without socks and the fabric inside the shoes would chafe her skin when it became too sweaty… Last fall she asked if I could find other Nike Air shoes with a really soft interior and some bright colors, this is what I came up with.

These Nike Flywire are plush and soft inside, Globetrotter loved the colors and when she started running with them she said they remained comfortable even when very sweaty. Bingo! Here are the photos we took when the shoes were brand new.

Globetrotter in Nike Flywire
Globetrotter in Nike Flywire

Legz in Nike Air Max Moto +5

Legz is a model whom I met a while ago, during a previous incarnation of this website. I still have photos of her from years ago that I never published; and she’s still running without socks too… I see her once in a while, she’s going to be back to model for sure.

Here she was trying on her new Nike Air Max Moto +5 for the first time.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of course!

Legz in Nike Air Max Moto +5
Legz in Nike Air Max Moto +5

Candid Nike Air Max

Looks like I’m on a lucky streak with candid shots. I was out for a drink and this girl in her early 30’s appeared, showing off her beautiful legs and ankles with short shorts and a pair of Nike Air Max running shoes that she didn’t seem to be wearing socks with…

Candid Nike Air Max
Candid Nike Air Max

Just enough time to grab a few shots with my cell phone. My friend’s beer was full and mine was empty, great time to head to the bar for a refill.

You can see the shape of her toes through the mesh on some of the photos. It’s hard to tell if she has “cheater” socks on or not, maybe she really didn’t wear socks? What do you think?

It was so hot and humid outside though, her feet would have been really really sweaty. Makes me wonder if she’s doing it on purpose, maybe her boyfriend was sitting back at the table thinking how awesome her feet would be later that night!

When you see a girl who’s not wearing socks do you wonder how come? Is it an accident? Fashion statement? Fetish? Either way, click on this image for full photo set.

Candid Nike Air Max
Candid Nike Air Max

Cinderella in Nike Air Max Tailwind

It’s a beautiful summer day here, I’m gonna take a short break and I thought I’d upload some photos for you guys… How about some new Cinderella material? I actually took these shots a while ago but it’s all good, right?

In this photo set she’s having fun as usual while showing off her sponsored Nike Air Max Tailwind running shoes. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment, Cinderella loves reading what you have to say…

Chyler Leigh working out in Nike Air Max Moto 5+ running shoes

Here’s an Ultra High Quality image quality post that some of you guys may have already seen. Still I think it’s worth it. Chyler Leigh plays a doctor in several seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, she’s a very pretty girl and this time around we get to enjoy a few shots of what she looks like working out.

It’s a good one because Chyler looks especially sexy wearing her Nike Air Max Moto 5+ running shoes without socks like this; I couldn’t have done these photos any better if I had been there… Make sure to expand the images to full size, it’s worth it!


Full image gallery for Gazelle’s Nike Air Max 360

Better late than never. I got busy over the weekend and completely forgot to post the full image gallery for Gazelle’s very nicely used Nike Air Max 360 running shoes. I don’t need to remind you that she wore these running shoes without socks exclusively and as you can see she’s gotten some very good results for a first pair of shoes with us!

I should also note that there are lots of photos of Gazelle’s pretty feet in there as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that too! And of course you’ve still got a chance to snag them before they’re gone, here is a link to the listing on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110727405964

In the mean time enjoy the images, just click on this sample to open the gallery!

Someone’s going to want this

Today I met with Gazelle for her first photo update meeting. We supplied her with several pairs of running shoes 6 months ago and this is an example of what she’s been up to.

I think she’s done a good job, let me know if you agree… She was wearing these Nike Air Max 360’s when I met her on this very nice afternoon, she told me she’d been wearing them since early morning and that she had them on most of last week and through the weekend.

She hopes she’s done a good job with these first shoes and she’s very curious to hear any comments you may have. I think she’s done very well myself, the shoes are ready to be shipped out; I’ll post them for sale on eBay but if someone really wants them now I can end the auction early. Just email me with your best offer and I can ship them out tomorrow! In the mean time these Nikes went in a shipping bag straight off her  feet and they’re still warm and damp with her sweat, needless to say they smell very potent.

Here’s a first look at the imprints on her insoles.

And we can clearly see the marks on the tops of her pretty feet from spending so much time in these shoes without socks on. Imagine the smell when you’re this close!