Meet a few of our models. Model SM

  • Height: 5’7″ | 170 cm
  • Shoe Size: US 8.5 | EUR 40

SM is a slim and athletic woman who works out several times per week. Her personal preference is for Nike Shox running shoes but she is getting used to a few pairs of Asics as of recently. SM has the ability to make shoes smell extremely strong and the imprints from her feet on their insoles are always very dark and well defined. Model Cinderella

  • Height: 5’5″ | 165 cm
  • Shoe Size: US 7.5 | EUR 38

Cinderella is a strong and powerful athlete, she trains hard and her sculpted legs show it well. She loves Nike Shox shoes and prefers them to have wild and flashy color patterns, pink is a big hit too. Cinderella never wears socks in her shoes yet they maintain a very mild wear pattern inside, with a more delicate smell than some other models on the site. Model Gazelle

  • Height: 5’10” | 178 cm
  • Shoe Size: US 9.5 / US 10 | EUR 41 / EUR 42

Gazelle is a tall woman blessed with extraordinary legs that go on forever. She’s a distance runner and gives her shoes a proper beating. Her preference is to Asics shoes and her beautiful feet create deep and dark imprints inside them. Gazelle shows great potential and we’re convinced her running shoes will be quite spectacular.


27 thoughts on “Models

  1. First off, I want to say, you’re doing a great job in getting the website back up and running, Pascal!! I have really enjoyed all the pictures you have recently posted.

    Second, I would love to see more shots of the soles and toes of all the models. To me, there is nothing sexier than seeing a sexy pair of beautiful feet fresh out of a pair of sneakers!!!

    Lastly, I would love to see the faces of the models, if possible. To me, it’s so much sexier seeing the girl’s face to go along with her feet/sneakers.

    However, I do understand that a lot of foot/sneaker girls don’t show their faces when they show their feet, and I completely understand that as well.

    Thanks again for all you do for this website!!

    1. Thanks for the comments, any input is appreciated! Its in my plans to get more shots of the girls nice feet in every photo set in the future; I think it’s fair to say we all enjoy that part too.

      As for seeing the girls faces I don’t see that happening any time unless I was paying for models which I’m not… These girl-next-door models like to remain anonymous and we all have to respect that. Maybe sone day I can pay for models but that would be as real as the nice girls I’m featuring now! :-)

  2. Nice job on getting the site back up. I actually just checked it for the first in forever because I knew you were on hiatus. I really liked the ones of Gazelle after she took her shoes off, you could still see the marks on her feet. I would really like to see all those pictures of previous models as they seem to disappear with every rendition of the site, hopefully you can get that part up sooner than later. Again nice job can’t wait to see more.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comments and I have to say it’s good to be back!

      I agree that the shots showing the tops of Gazelle’s feet are very nice, in fact there’s a lot more to see now that I’ve posted the full gallery. The girls always have these marks on their bare feet from wearing their running shoes without socks so much, it’s not always easy to capture in photos though! As for the rest of the site I’m still thinking of the best way to bring everything back, it’ll happen though. Everything up from 15 years ago!

  3. when you have a model whose into dark Shox (black or dark grey, with silver, or red finishings) colors, i’ll be more than happy to sponsor some shoes.

  4. candid shots, how about that? I do that a lot, sometimes i carry my camera (has 17x optical zoom) and pretend a tourist taking photos :D

  5. yes, if you like the idea, i mostly wrote it for sharing images, there may be some who can contribute such images. I could upload an example if possible.

  6. So glad to see you’re back!!! Would you ever consider having a model try out the Vibram FiveFingers? Something new and different, but they’re considered some of the best running shoes… Just an Idea!
    -Welcome Back!

  7. Hi, can anyone pl recommend a good shoe for my wife? She is willing to go sockless if they’re comfortable and don’t have shocks. Looking for the smelliest shoes you can think of. Something with none of that mesh stuff that acilitates breathing :) she doesn’t like anything too ‘flashy’ for some reason

  8. Hey, i love what this site is all about. There is something about athletic shoes that makes me wet. Are any of the girls into Nike Free Run shoes? What all does a membership get you? I would be interested in sponsoring. Thanks.

  9. I noticed Sportiva isn’t among the models listed.

    I sponsored a pair of shoes back for her in September of 2009, what is going to happen with the shoes now????

  10. have you ever thought about featuring your family members (wife, sister, cousin etc)? Even if they usually do not wear sneakers without socks, it could work. I hope your site comes back

  11. Hey Pascal, Is there any chance you’d post older galleries? I signed up for the pay site after a lot of awesome galleries were put up and taken down, and I never had the chance to view them. It’d be a way to keep the site active, without too much workload. Please consider!


  12. Salut
    Super votre site, j’adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    les Supernova Cushion devraient vous aller à merveilles
    continuer comme ça

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