Pascal is a freelance photographer, his work features sporty girls and their running shoes. The models our friends, they are not paid actresses. They wish to remain anonymous and cannot be contacted. Email us any questions.

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23 Replies to “About”

  1. Eu quero comprar a maior parte destes tenis Mas nao falo ingles Por favor me ajudem i don´t speak english yes portugues brasil

  2. Can you please tell me what’s the ebay name for the auctions? Or how can we make some direct business? I am really interested in buying some of these shoes and i’m willing to pay the price. Please let me know!


  3. i’m not a freako, i guess… but I’ve always found girls in athletic outfit and tennis shoes so fucking sexy… i don’t like all tennis shoes, though and prefer the white ones, both for myself, and the girls. the exception is the reebok freestyles, love these ones as much as i love nike shox. the reeboks are really hot, and for girls they’re as appealing as heels, but since it’s vintage stuff, i don’t expect a girl my age to be wearing those sneakers. and there is one more thing, suppose you have a girlfriend, just for the sake of the argument, and she finds out you have a fetish, she’ll probably dump you right off the bat… it’s not always easy to prove the girl that you love her more than the fetish itself…

    1. Hi, thanks for posting!

      I can tell you two things: first you’re not a freak; everybody has different preferences and they feel them at different levels. My own fetish is quite extreme, and we’re all okay with that.

      Second, try to be honest. It gets better with age; I was really struggling with it when I was a teenager; it got way better in my 20’s and now in my 30’s I couldn’t feel any better.

      Girls can tell if you’re hiding something from them; it’s never good. And you could end up missing out on some great girls who would be happy to indulge in your little fetish; that’s the best part after all!


  4. Great job, blog and very attractive.

    My wife wears many models nike shox, air, etc., always without socks.
    Even a pair of shoes, do not wash them for 18 months, use them to work at home, gymnastics, walking and running, very sweaty and a strong smell.
    the insoles are very dark with imprints of the foot.

    She wants to wear other new models, to well-worn.
    if you’re interested I’ll send you some photo.


  5. HI Pascal,

    I’m sure you’ve heard from many of us how we love this site so much! Sockless running shoes and sneakers are my biggest fetish of all! One of the things that has always fascinated me was when a girl wore jeans that came to about an inch above the sneaker when standing and gave just the slightest glimpse of ankle. This was especially captivating when the sneakers were loose laced and her heels could slip just slightly in and out when she walked. You made a compilation album of “ankle-glimpses” and I was wondering if you could add more?

    1. Hi, there isn’t a specific page; often the shoes are sold directly here. Keep an eye on this blog and you’ll see when I have some for sale. The last ones we sold publicly were Gazelle’s Asics Kinsei shoes, last fall.

  6. This is the site I have been waiting for!! Thank you so much! I have had this fetish for gorgeous ladies wearing sneakers my whole life. I am in my fifties now, but was lucky enough to marry, the second time, a women that doesn’t mind and allows me to enjoy this all the time. I have bought her over 50 pairs of sneakers of all kinds and types over the years. A majority of them do not touch the out of doors as my fetish includes oral activities too, but I also enjoy the wonderful photos on your site, especially the inside and bottom views. I hope you are able to continue with your site. Thanks again!

  7. Wow! This is a beautiful discovery. Thank you for creating this.
    Have you considered a Keds section too? Quite in love with what Taylor Swift is up to with them:)

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