Meet one of the new models, Globetrotter

Business first. I won’t be doing any more sponsorships, I just can’t hold my end of the deal properly. In the mean time I’m doing what I can to sort the existing sponsors out. I got my hands on one pair of running shoes from one of the models this week. They’re going to go in the mail on Monday. I’m going to notify the sponsor by email as soon as I have a confirmation that the shoes were actually sent.

In the mean my new model has decided on her nickname, Globetrotter; it fits her very well. Since I gave her the new Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes she broke them in on a few short jogs and immediately wore them for a week-long trip to France where she wore her new Mizunos every day without socks. She said these shoes felt very warm and made her feet sweat a lot but she didn’t seem to mind; apparently the shoes did a great job absorbing the sweat and kept her comfortable every day.

We met up to have her try on a few other pairs of shoes and take some better photos of course. We’re taking it easy on the sexy shots until she gets used to being in front of the camera. Here’s some of her first photos.

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  1. This was my absolute favorite set, hands down. This pair is incredible and has always caught my eyes. The poses with the reflection in the floor were perfect. I can’t wait to see some sole shots. I don’t recall ever seeing any shots from the ground as the sole hovers above. Also, ground level shots of the shoes would also be incredible.

    Thanks so much for these photos. I look forward to more of her with these Mizunos.

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