Cinderella in Nike Shox Turbo

Cinderella was in a great mood when she came to visit, she really liked the whole staircase concept I have going on right now for the photos. Plus I had a few pairs of shoes for her to try on which is always fun.

She ran upstairs to change as soon as she walked in and this is what I got when she came back out. I think she was on fire, you let me know what you think… I can promise you it’s just the beginning; in the mean time enjoy these images.

11 thoughts on “Cinderella in Nike Shox Turbo

  1. great stuff! I LOVE those Turbos. Can’t wait to see more. Glad you’ve worked so hard on getting the site running again

  2. I too, like the staircase concept! And that girl, ohh god. I like the athletic type and she’s tops in the category, especially those wonderful legs! The Turbos are just a hot ornament at the end of perfectly toned calves.

    As usual, your pics are of great technical and artistic quality. Very sharp, which lens is that if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy them. There’s much room for improvement but in my defense I get surprisingly little time with the girls in front of the camera, I have to work real fast. These were shot with my “workhorse” setup, an old Canon 1D Mk2 body with a Canon 24-70mm f2.8/L lens, it’s what I use on 95% of my assignments. :-)

  3. She IS the hottest woman in the world! I will pay her $1,000 just to graze her shox covered bare foot against my face! Honestly.

  4. really like the smaller feet in/and the turbos. what an awesome set. Cinderella .. you are hott! thanks to the both of you.

  5. Wow Pascal, another great set. Cinderella is smoking hot! Her legs are incredible. So is there a chance her shox CL’s will make their way back to the sponsor in the near future? Please email me to discuss…

  6. totally awesome..both of her sets. that turbo look always super on girls, and CIndy has that attitude that shows in the shootings that i’m sure many of the visitors here make some very dirty thoughts :DD
    btw, i was thinking (since i have some few hundreds of GB in netdrives standing by) , if you Pascal are interested to get free hosting space and post some of the material you have and that make me mad :D i can certainly give you root access to my home folders. we’re talking megaupload premium and 4shared premium. and dyndns premium for webhops among others but i don’t think you’re intereted in this, are you?

  7. Wowwwww! women who wear nike shox turbos are sexy. I dream of a woman with muscular strong and shapely legs with nike shox turbos on without socks jumping, kicking [removed explicit content -admin]

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