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TBT – Long Story, My First One

I just stumbled upon these photos I took 20 years ago, after I turned my new “sporty hottie” girlfriend into a sockless running shoe goddess – my first really awesome experience! A huge throwback.

jb0002s SCAN08

I’m about 18, new hot and sporty girlfriend, volleyball team, gym and jogging, she loves the new Nike Air Max Triax that just came out and I buy them for her on one of our first dates. She’s stoked, wears them (with socks!) every single day with shorts or leggings in class. She plays volleyball in them, hits the gym and runs in them too. Strong character and loves being treated like a queen, including every part of her body getting kissed and licked… She never imagined a guy would do that all the way down to her feet but quickly finds out it’s a huge turn on and absolutely loves when the attention to her feet lasts a long time before having sex.

A few weeks into our new relationship she was sleeping over at my apartment, so in the middle of the night I took the socks from her pile of clothes and hid them away; in the morning we were late for class, she complained of having misplaced the socks but she rushed out and wore her Nikes without socks all day. She had gym strength training with the volleyball crew at lunch. And she was running with the team after class. I picked that day on purpose!

We had a date to grab an ice cream after her team run and later dinner at my place. She didn’t say anything about her Nikes without socks all day, I was just awestruck at how sexy she looked… I took her to my place for our dinner. Things started heating up later and as usual I took her to bed and started to undress her in the way she liked, she laid on her stomach and I kissed my way down her body from her neck and shoulders, down to her legs and ankles, undressing her on the way and undoing the laces on her Nikes at the end.

Without socks her shoes felt warm and damp and when I slipped the first shoe off it was way harder to remove, like the sweat stuck it to her foot… I ran my tongue on the arch of her foot and she softly said: -“oh my god baby I’m soooo sorry I didn’t have socks today…” I didn’t let her finish and just downplayed it: -“hmm no worries, your feet are soft and awesome as usual” … Moving on to the second foot I could barely contain myself. In reality her feet were way better than usual,  hot, wet with salty sweat, slightly smelly and her steamy damp running shoes smelled a bit more than usual… We had great sex afterward, as usual, and afterward I drove her home… still sockless in her Nikes. She never found the socks and we didn’t speak about that aspect at all.

The next time I kissed her feet she had been wearing socks like she was used to, so I grabbed the opportunity to play out my plan:

-“So you know I love kissing your whole body, and it’s exciting for me cuz I can see it turns you on; you know what though, you wore socks today and I have to say I found it more sexy and exciting last night when you didn’t have them… No lint all over your feet, no dry heels, plus I think it looks way nicer all day too, I mean I really like your bare ankles you know…”

… she was listening so I carried on…  -“You didn’t complain about your workout and running without socks, was that okay though? I mean, are you game to do it some more?”

I was embarrassed now but she didn’t notice… -“Well my feet were hot and sweaty during the workouts and kinda sweaty all day I guess… but I didn’t really think about it; I dunno… I don’t care I guess… It’s not like I love socks either, I agree it looks way better without them but weren’t my feet gross and stinky when you took my sneakers off??” … she had a horrified look on her face.

I reassured her: -“… honestly I don’t care, I wouldn’t get near your feet if I was afraid of a little smell or sweat, it didn’t bother me at all… Your legs looked sexy without socks, it turned me on to take the shoes off… Just try it some more and we’ll see?”

She smiled and her concerns seemed to vanish: -“Okay, deal… No socks!”

-“Sweet” … I moved our conversation to another subject. I wanted it to be her decision to stop wearing socks so I didn’t have to ask or beg her to do it! Later that evening I drove her home and she stuffed the socks in her bag when getting dressed, slipping her bare feet in her Nikes for the ride.

Next day she wasn’t wearing socks. I complimented her outfit, she seemed stoked. We didn’t get together though, work and assignments. No socks the day after either. No socks ever again while we dated in fact. In a few months her Nikes still looked clean but they became a real weapon. When she ran in them (4 times a week!) they made her feet hot and wet with a sticky concentrated sweat that smelled so crazy it wouldn’t even wash off your hands if you touched her soles; licking her arches, heels and toes had a taste so strong it was barely tolerable. I couldn’t believe this cute blue-eyed tall blonde girl was able to deal with shoes that were this bad but she clearly didn’t care!

I made sure to never talk about it, and she just kept going like everything was normal. On her birthday I gave her new shoes, she picked Asics, and even tried them without socks at the store, despite the clerk’s advice. She outdid herself with the Asics, they smelled so much that if she worked out in them the smell would make it through the sweaty lining and was noticeable while she was still wearing them, while she sat in the car or near me at home. There was a pair of Mizuno running shoes as well after the Asics.

We eventually broke up (for other reasons, we were young!) and I’ve tried to apply the same “recipe” to all my future girlfriends… It didn’t always work but when it did… so awesome! Then I found I could even convince my other female friends to quit wearing socks! The psychology is a little different since there’s no sex and love involved but it’s still possible…  Some have even showed interest in finding out how it feels to have their stinky feet worshipped. That’s when I started my very first website. 15 years ago. Who remembers that website?

Enjoy the photos, and click on the images to enlarge them!

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