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Gazelle in Asics Gel Nimbus 13

New photo set uploaded to our Photo Store. We meet up with Gazelle to watch as she struggles to take her bare feet out of her sweaty running shoes after a workout.

Gazelle's Feet
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By the way, I don’t intend on selling all the photos from now on, there will still be plenty of free stuff on the site. I’ve unfortunately spent way more money than I wanted on these photos in the last years to give them all away; I’d have to close down the site.

Here are a few samples from this gallery, if you like Gazelle and especially her stinky bare feet you won’t regret purchasing these photos.

Gazelle Asics Nimbus 13
Gazelle Asics Nimbus 13

Launching the Photo Store

Finally, the Photo Store is open.

Only two image galleries for now. I’m going to start posting and selling selected photo sets from the archives, I have 15 years worth of great archives in there. I will offer different types of packages, and they will be priced differently. The format is a ZIP file download after you complete your PayPal payment.

Pricing for photo galleries will be based on the quantity of photos, the cost of realizing that photo session (shoes, clothing, etc) and the general hotness and sexyness of the photos depicted.

NOTE: There are no gallery previews available yet but I’m working on setting something up. Stay tuned.

Gazelle’s Asics Nimbus 15

** These shoes will be for sale in the fall **

Gazelle shows off her Asics Gel Nimbus 15 in a size 9.5. The shoes are new in these photos, since then Gazelle has managed to make them smell more than her previous Asics Kinsei 3. It’s impressive to say the least. I think it’s especially hot considering how beautiful Gazelle’s feet are; she’s extremely blessed.

We’re going to sell these shoes in the fall while they’re at their best; straight off her bare feet after a summer of hard wear. Contact me if you’d like a chance to purchase them!

Gazelle in Nimbus 15

Legz in Nike Shox Turbo VIII

Do you like leggings? I love leggings, especially black ones. They grab your attention and draw it down to a woman’s sexy ankles, they give her running shoes center stage… and voilĂ  – she’s not wearing socks! Heart-stopping.

Our model Legz looks unbelievable in these photos from a few years ago. Here she’s trying on these size 8.5 Nike Shox Turbo 8’s just for fun.

Legz in Shox Turbo
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Cleaning up Gazelle’s closet

We really need to make room in Gazelle’s closet so we’ve done a ruthless bunch of listings on eBay to clear up her growing stockpile!

These shoes were all worn by her, at various times and to various levels of smell ranging from very mild to crazy strong. They haven’t been worn in a while though so what you’re buying here is not a “fresh” pair of shoes straight off her feet.

She’s focused on her most recent shoes as well and she won’t be wearing the ones we’ve listed again; she gave them all to me in a huge bag and I’m packaging them to get them ready to ship right now.

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