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Wish Lists?

So I see on various sites that women have wish lists, what do you think about that?  Would you guys be interested in seeing what the girls on this site are longing after?

Our model SM has been obsessing about Lululemon’s Wren Camo shorts and leggings lately, and she’s infatuated with these Nike Air Max 95’s in Hot Punch too. Wouldn’t that look hot on her?



Legz in Nike Moto +5

I can’t explain why but I’ve always loved these running shoes, especially in this colorway. There was a woman at a gym I used to work out at who wore hers with what I assumed were very short socks but I couldn’t really see them… She either did a spinning class or she ran on a treadmill as a workout.

One day she sat down near me to stretch after her run and decided to take her shoes off; to my amazement she wasn’t wearing socks at all… Best part is since her insoles had come out partially, stuck to her sweaty feet she took them out completely to replace them properly. They had super dark imprints of her bare feet on them and it looked like maybe she never did wear socks! I didn’t get a chance to speak to her either, damn shame – she would have been a great model!

How about a few photos of Legz wearing hers while I’m at it?
Legz in Nike Moto




TBT – Shox Navina

The shots in this megapost (10 pages of photos!) date back from 2008. These shoes have been sold once and since then SM has procured another pair I’ve posted a few teaser shots of.

You are looking at one of SM’s best pair of shoes ever; she absolutely loved them. She worked out hard in them and she’d spend weeks wearing them every day too. They were also one of her most impressive accomplishments when it comes to smell, despite their clean look outside I have yet to have another model end up with shoes that smelled that much. I’m not sure it’s even possible.

Click on the photos to access the gallery. Send your comments too, it’s always appreciated!

SM in Shox Navina

SM in Shox Navina

Gazelle’s Asics Nimbus X

We took a huge photo set when we retired Gazelle’s marathon-tested Asics Nimbus X running shoes. She ran in them in the rain a lot, in winter, in grass and slush. There’s been times where they smelled impossibly strong, then they would get soaked in the rain, washing the smell away…

They’ve been sitting in her closet unused so we’re getting rid of them, they’re very worn but they’ve lost most of their incredible smell sadly. Lots of photos of her long legs and sexy feet in this image gallery.

eBay link:

Click on the images and leave her your comments! Gazelle in Asics Nimbus



Gazelle in Asics Nimbus