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SM in Nike Shox NZ SL

It’s one of the things I’ve always found impressive about our fantastic model SM. She’s always loved leather Nike Shox running shoes and she likes wearing them without socks. On a hot summer day. At the gym running on a treadmill. All day at work. Anything.

These particular Shox NZ have a thick absorbent interior material, they smell ten times more than her more breathable all-fabric Nike Shox too! She doesn’t mind the insane smell since none of it can escape while she’s wearing them, nobody notices it; until she takes them off obviously…

Sorry for the cell phone photos, that’s all I had. Any comments?

Photos of the insoles here:

SM in Nike Shox NZ SL
SM in Nike Shox NZ SL









With the cold winters we have up here by mid February I’m starting to suffer serious from withdrawal when it comes to my “women in running shoes” addiction…

Oh how I miss the +30 C. hot summer days where my girlfriend comes home from jogging and her running partner who is trying out jogging without socks looked something like this. Wicked.