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Sportiva in Nike Moto+ 5

I didn’t mean for this to happen but it seems there’s been a “style” of women featured on my site recently, the slim/skinny jogging sporty girl. Of course here’s all kinds of body types in the realm of sporty girls…

For those who enjoy powerful / pro gym trainer tough girls how about some shots of our model Sportiva? She works in a  gym, she works out hard, she’s got really small feet (size 6), and she never wears socks. Enjoy!

Damn it’s cold

I don’t know where all are you are right now but it’s damn cold in my area. Forget about sighting running shoes in this weather, right?… well not necessarily.

Some of the girls around here are in running shoes all year ’round, without socks. They wear long pants to keep warm but if you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of their ankles once in a while. Ever looked at a woman dressed like that and hoped she would move in a way to reveal her ankles? How nice it would be to find that she’s not wearing socks; right?!

I made a little collection of photos from the years past, if you like pants and running shoes worn without socks you’ll be well served. If you’re new to this site you may not even recognize some of the girls!

Running Shoes In Winter
Running Shoes In Winter