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Gazelle Asics Kinsei / For Sale?

Anybody want these shoes?

About a year ago when she started wearing these Asics Kinsei I tried teasing Gazelle a bit;  I said her running shoes weren’t much of a threat… She was surprised, she thought they smelled a lot (they did!), took it as a challenge and promised me that these next ones would smell way more. We left it at that, I wasn’t sure if she would do anything about it…

Turns out she could, and she did. These Asics may be some of the best this website has ever featured, their smell is just perfect. And I’m difficult too! I don’t remember any model ever making Asics shoes smell this much.

Gazelle is still wearing them and we’re gonna snap some photos shortly, in the mean time get your thoughts in order if you’d like to own these shoes. I’ll post them on eBay unless someone here makes her an offer she can’t refuse. She paid for these with her own sweat by the way, and she’s going to need some replacement shoes asap! Asics Kinsei Mosaic perhaps?!

Click on the photo to view the gallery, email me to make an offer and of course leave your comments here so she can read them!

Gazelle Asics Kinsei 3 Pink
Gazelle Asics Kinsei 3 Pink