Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cinderella trying on Nike Shox Turbo IV

How about a few shots of Cinderella? Last time she was in here she went through the shoes in the stockroom and found these Nike Shox Turbo IV to try on. She liked them but being a size 8 they were a bit big for her… I soon found someone who really loved them though, you can check out our other model Superfox wearing them here.

In the mean time enjoy the photos… Oh and I hope nobody minds but it looks like Cinderella found the room a bit hot. Must have been the lights?!? ;-)




Justina’s Nike Free

This new set of photos comes to us via a fan of the site who graciously contributed them. The shots are of his friend Justina, and in here she’s modeling her Nike Free running shoes for us.

I think it’s especially nice when people take the time to share their own photos with us like that, and of course it’s great to see another girl wearing running shoes without socks! Enjoy the images and don’t forget to leave a comment so the photographer and Justina can both read what you think!


Globetrotter’s Nike Air Max Moto +6

This is another pair of Globetrotter’s nice looking and impossibly small running shoes; these Nike’s are a women’s size 5. Like the rest of her shoes she wears them only without socks, although compared to the Mizuno Wave Creation I recently gave her she says these are less comfortable over long distances. Doesn’t stop her from wearing them all day and hitting the gym with them though!

Anyways, don’t forget to leave a comment if you like anything about Globetrotter and her shoes, she’s thrilled to read your comments. Maybe I’ll try to convince her to wear some shorts for the next shoot, what do you think?

I don’t know anyone else who could wear these shoes, they’re so small I can’t even put my hands inside them!