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Candid Adidas Oscillation

I was at Home Depot yesterday and this young woman caught my eye. She was shopping for tile and supplies and I just happened to be in the same aisle as her. She was in fantastic shape and for all I could see way down inside her running shoes she really didn’t have any socks on.

I figured it was worth taking a few cell phone pics, what do you think?

Thanks for hokking me up with the name of these shoes, I couldn’t figure it out!

Vanessa Hudgens & Nike Lunar Eclipse 2

People have been sending me some interesting links… I figured I’d share them on here real quick.

These Nike shoes must be very comfortable to wear without socks! Either that or we’re very lucky with Vanessa Hudgens… She has nice legs and narrow ankles, she makes these Nike shoes look really hot!

What are your thoughts, is she really not wearing socks every time she hits the gym?

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

Evidence #3: