Monthly Archives: August 2012

Cinderella in Nike Tailwind

It’s hot outside today, that made me think of Cinderella. And what better way to celebrate this great girl than to enjoy some new pics of her? I stumbled upon a few photo sets from a while ago.

Here’s the first one, featuring her Nike Air Max Tailwinds. I haven’t seen Cinderella in a little while unfortunately, she knows we have to send these shoes back to her sponsor… Soon I hope.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoy the shots, it’s nice for the girls to know they’re being appreciated!

Hot or Not? Gazelle + Asics Nimbus VIII

If you’ve been following running shoe trends you know that after a wave of very technical running shoes the more minimalist designs are becoming more and more popular. How about older shoes though, back when “minimal” wasn’t a buzzword?

Gazelle loved these Asics Nimbus VIII running shoes when she got them, she thought they felt great and she loved how they looked, she was so excited to get them! Of course that means she wore them a lot and she made them smell so strong that she asked me to replace them early; before they were really worn out… I think she was surprised in her own potential with these shoes…

I still have these Asics running shoes “in stock”, do you think we should ask Gazelle to wear them some more this summer?

Our model Bones felt the same after she tried on these shoes, she carried on to wearing them for a long time and the shoes were exceptional when she took them off.

Before anything changes with Gazelle I first I have to return her Nike Shox Navina and her Asics Kinsei to their rightful sponsors of course. Both these pairs of shoes are now very nicely worn. I’m trying to organize a meeting with her soon.

Anyways, how do you feel about these old school Asics shoes, are they out? Or still hot?

Globetrotter trying on New Balance 1222

I have no time these days, busy weeks! In the mean time here are a bunch of shots I took on my first session with our new model Globetrotter. Here feet were sweaty from having worn her Mizuno running shoes all day so she had to work a bit harder to get them in these New Balance 1222 running shoes.

In the end she thought these New Balance were a bit too big, she didn’t think she could run without socks in them… And she really doesn’t want to wear socks so I’m not complaining!

I like Globetrotter’s very high arches, what do you guys think? It’s been so hot this summer I have a feeling she’s going to leave some nice imprints inside her shoes. Enjoy the pics and drop in your comments, she’ll read them for sure!