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Another new girl, Superfox

I met another girl recently who was very interested in what I’m doing here. She’s a runner like many of the other models on the site and her shoe size is 8 or 8.5. Of course she’s very comfortable wearing her running shoes without socks, she likes it whether she’s going jogging or everyday casual wear.

I gave Superfox a pair of Nike Shox Turbo IV running shoes in size 8 to try out as a casual shoe when we first met. She traveled with them, wore them regularly and had been wearing them all day when we met for her first photo session. There’s already nice imprints inside them and she told me she never thought running shoes could smell this strong.

She’s worried it’s becoming too much, I told her she was doing a great job and I hope you’ll send her some nice comments if you’d like her to keep going!

Globetrotter takes off her Mizunos

Before we start, I’m still working hard to settle up with the sponsors who haven’t received their shoes back yet. I’ll keep you updated as I get in touch with the girls who are concerned by this situation.

In the mean time here’s the second part of my new model Globetrotter’s first photo session with me. Here she was wearing the Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes I gave her a little while ago. You’ll see she’s already doing a good job on her insoles. If you like women with small feet and very high arches this girl will certainly catch your attention.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment, she’s curious to find out what you think!


Meet one of the new models, Globetrotter

Business first. I won’t be doing any more sponsorships, I just can’t hold my end of the deal properly. In the mean time I’m doing what I can to sort the existing sponsors out. I got my hands on one pair of running shoes from one of the models this week. They’re going to go in the mail on Monday. I’m going to notify the sponsor by email as soon as I have a confirmation that the shoes were actually sent.

In the mean my new model has decided on her nickname, Globetrotter; it fits her very well. Since I gave her the new Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes she broke them in on a few short jogs and immediately wore them for a week-long trip to France where she wore her new Mizunos every day without socks. She said these shoes felt very warm and made her feet sweat a lot but she didn’t seem to mind; apparently the shoes did a great job absorbing the sweat and kept her comfortable every day.

We met up to have her try on a few other pairs of shoes and take some better photos of course. We’re taking it easy on the sexy shots until she gets used to being in front of the camera. Here’s some of her first photos.

Wrapping up

I’m going to have to admit that I can’t make this work like I used to, it sucks.

Many of you have trusted me with sponsorships and I can only apologize for how unreliable I have now become with this business. I will return the shoes to you where I can and I’ll have to reimburse your expenses if I can’t. Some girls have become impossible to reach over the years and I’m not able to pursue them like I used to. I’m still booking meetings with the girls but they always cancel and such, it’s become a burden now.

I’ll do every attempt to contact all sponsors as I reclaim your shoes and such, I know I’ll need to reimburse some of you and I’ll try to resolve all of these issues.

Still I can’t help but meet new interesting girls all the time. I guess I’ll just have to share the photos here for fun once in a while. This is one of my friends, she’s a runner and remarkably she wears size 5 or 5.5 running shoes, extremely small feet with incredibly high arches. Oh and she hates socks. She was thrilled when I gave her this pair of Mizuno running shoes to try on, she stopped by to show them off after her afternoon run today, without socks of course, out of breath and very sweaty. I only had my cell phone around so here’s what I got.

… Oh and in case you’re wondering what the @#$% happened with me; well my wife is pregnant, I’m building us a house and I started a new business, it’s simply more than I’m capable of dealing with.