Monthly Archives: January 2012

Erin Andrews @ Dancing with the Stars 2010

How about a little bit of celebrity content for a change. Erin Andrews is a journalist and sportscaster, and in the case that interests us she also participated in the 2010 Dancing with the Stars show.

Here are some really high quality shots of her in the parking lot at the dance studio, it’s worth clicking through some pop-ups to get the high rez shots. First shots are of Erin arriving at the studio, and she’s not wearing socks in her Nike Pegasus.

Following this Erin is leaving the studio after her tough workouts and dance practice; she’s not wearing her tank top over her sports bra any more but she’s still wearing her Nike’s without socks and that’s what really matters, right?

Anybody else wonder if she wears her running shoes without socks often? Comments, thoughts appreciated; enjoy!

Cinderella in Nike Shox Turbo

Cinderella was in a great mood when she came to visit, she really liked the whole staircase concept I have going on right now for the photos. Plus I had a few pairs of shoes for her to try on which is always fun.

She ran upstairs to change as soon as she walked in and this is what I got when she came back out. I think she was on fire, you let me know what you think… I can promise you it’s just the beginning; in the mean time enjoy these images.

Gazelle’s Nike Shox Navina 2

Some time before the Holidays one of our great sponsors offered Gazelle a pair of black Nike Shox Navina 2 running shoes. Here are some images taken when she slipped them on her bare feet for the very first time.

She had to work a little harder to get these shoes on, running shoes are always tight when they’re brand new and in this case Gazelle’s feet were already very sweaty from wearing other running shoes all day. It was well worth the effort though, don’t you think?