Monthly Archives: October 2011

Ashley Tisdale in Reebok running shoes

This huge photo set is a couple years old but it’s well worth posting on my blog. Ashley Tisdale used to have a few pairs of Reebok running shoes and she wore socks in them. She must have found it comfortable, and it definitely looked nicer than the short socks most celebrities wear for their workouts.

Here she is leaving her gym after a workout; I think the whole thing was extremely sexy, don’t you?

Gazelle stops by the studio

Gazelle stopped by the studio this week to pick up some new sponsored shoes. We took lots of photos of course and you’ll be able to enjoy those shortly. No you’re not seeing double, Gazelle is wearing a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus, the exact same ones that Bones has been wearing recently and did such a great job with.

In the mean time I’m sure I’m not alone having to pay special attention when I see an attractive woman walking around in running shoes with long pants. We all like girls who don’t wear socks but you have to admit it’s pretty rare for them to do so especially in long pants.

Once in a while though we get lucky; that’s what happens if you see Gazelle walking back from the gym, or on her way to work during the week. She’s often in jeans and running shoes but even though you can’t see her ankles rest assured she still never wears socks. And once in a while if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of her bare ankles. You’d be even luckier to be close by when she takes off these Asics running shoes because their smell gets to you even standing around; she’s doing a great job with them.