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Bones trying on Asics Nimbus

A little while ago I had some shoes I needed to sell to make room in here, they were all in fairly small sizes and I thought it would be nice if Bones could help me and model them.

She didn’t mind at all when I asked, and even if most of these shoes were a little small on her bare feet, her very narrow ankles saved the day and made every pair look fantastic. Some of these shoes are now sold, others are sitting on the shelves here, we’ll see what happens.

In the mean time enjoy this first installment of Bones modeling part of my inventory!

Gazelle and her first Nike Shox

When I met up with Gazelle for her very first photos I set her up with several pairs of running shoes so she could try them out and we could see how things went.

These Nike Shox Navina are some of our all-time favorites here, they’re very soft and absorbent inside, they look real sexy when worn without socks and they always seem to smell really strong no matter who wears them. It seemed logical to have Gazelle try wearing a pair, as a bonus these shoes have the bright red Nike+ insole and I thought we’d get some nice imprints of her bare feet on those.

We’ll soon see how she did with them, in the mean time enjoy these shots I took when she first slipped her pretty feet inside these great shoes. As usual click on the image below to open the full photo gallery. Enjoy!

Chyler Leigh working out in Nike Air Max Moto 5+ running shoes

Here’s an Ultra High Quality image quality post that some of you guys may have already seen. Still I think it’s worth it. Chyler Leigh plays a doctor in several seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, she’s a very pretty girl and this time around we get to enjoy a few shots of what she looks like working out.

It’s a good one because Chyler looks especially sexy wearing her Nike Air Max Moto 5+ running shoes without socks like this; I couldn’t have done these photos any better if I had been there… Make sure to expand the images to full size, it’s worth it!


Gazelle trying on Mizuno shoes

A little while ago Gazelle tried on these Mizuno Wave Creation 8 running shoes we have in stock. She likes high-tech shoes and since these are really soft inside they were very promising for some jogging and workouts without socks but they turned out to be just a little small and her long toes would have gotten hurt if she ran with them. Too bad!

We’ll have to find someone else to wear them, in the mean time enjoy the photo gallery!

Gazelle’s Asics Gel Stratus 2.1

Let’s keep going through some more Gazelle material, shall we? In this image gallery you can get a good look at Gazelle’s pretty feet and her high arches as she shows us her very worn Asics Gel Stratus 2.1 running shoes from last winter.

Even in cool weather where she has to wear long pants Gazelle doesn’t wear socks; it’s something you may not notice if you saw her from a distance but her narrow ankles immediately draw attention if you have a chance to get a closer look!

Enjoy these free images!

SM’s Nike Shox Vivify

For a while SM had a pair of Nike Shox Vivify which she really liked. As I go through some of the older material that I never had time to post in the last few years we’ll see these kinds of shoes show up once in a while…

If you ever think of sponsoring one of our models this is a very good pair of shoe for the girls, they’re extremely soft and absorbent inside, and SM found it quite easy to make these shoes smell a lot stronger than some of her other pairs of Nikes. Very good potential in them.

Enjoy the free pics and don’t hesitate to post any comments of course!

Celebrity Content

I’m going to start adding some celebrity content to my posts, sometimes I stumble upon some great material and I also receive some great links from some of you once in a while.

Here are some candid shots of Vanessa Hudgens looking nice as she leaves her gym in black Nike running shoes. I can’t see socks in the photos, I’ll let you guys decide if she’s wearing any or not!