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Listed on eBay – Bones Asics Nimbus

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had shoes for sale from Bones that featured such great imprints on the insoles; she did an outstanding job with these Asics. She’s still wearing them until the day we ship them, they’re going to go straight from her feet into the mail; and if the lucky winner asks nicely I’ll try to convince her to go running before I ship her shoes out.

Here’s a link to the auction, and the shoes are posted in the store as well.

Perfect Timing

It’s a good thing I had everything ready for the photos when Bones showed up at our meeting; she had done a different run which took her about an hour instead of 45 minutes and she pushed really hard to try not being too late. She showed up at the door completely out of breath, sweat dripping down her face and she was happy for a towel and a glass of water.

We started taking photos immediately and within the first minutes something pretty cool happened; while she was running her legs were staying a bit cooler with the airflow but now that she was indoors they quickly became shiny with sweat; then a minute later there were beads of sweat running down her shins and calves, passing slowly over her sexy ankles before getting absorbed in her Asics running shoes.

It’s not something I see that often, and certainly not while I have some camera and studio gear loaded and ready to go. Of course Bones thought that was pretty cool and she was happy to hurry through the photos while her legs were that sweaty. It reflected off the lights enough that it looked almost fake but I wasn’t about to tell her to dry her legs off with the towel!

Enjoy this first batch of photos, I’ll post the rest tomorrow and the shoes will be for sale this week. Bones is still wearing them for now since she loves them so much and she’s curious to see if there’s any way in the world she can make them smell any more. I’m not sure, they’re quite good already!

A few months worth of hard work pays off

I was meeting Bones today for some photos, it’s a good thing I had prepared my camera stuff in advance because she didn’t tell me she was going to be jogging to come here. It’s been a really sunny and hot day here, when she showed up Bones was out of breath and really happy to get a drink of water.

As you can see this house is still in construction, that means it’s pretty hot indoors too and just a few minutes after she stopped running Bones legs started glistening with so much sweat that it was running down her ankles. Perfect timing for some photos!

Just after running like that her Asics felt very warm to the touch and the reason they look kinda gray is because they were thoroughly soaked with her sweat. Bones is such a small sweet girl it’s awesome that she gets great results like that with her shoes.

Here’s a teaser shot. Full photo set coming soon, and I’ll have these shoes for sale as well. Bones is still wearing them in the mean time, they smell really strong but she loves them!

Speaking of our model Bones

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you Bones was pretty excited to get these Asics running shoes. First of all she thought they were so soft and comfortable on her bare feet she immediately told me she’d love wearing them.

Then after she took a better look at them she figured they would look really nice when she’s running with her really short shorts; so she went to change, sat back down and pulled her new Asics on her feet again to check them out some more.

Now in case you hadn’t noticed our model Bones has very pretty feet, beautiful narrow ankles and she’s blessed with seriously high arches. She hides her feet well in all those running shoes but there’s a few photos in this gallery that show them off, enjoy.

P.s.: I’m meeting Bones on Friday evening for some updated photos, after her day at work. We’ll have the shoes for sale afterwards, make sure not to miss this. She told me they’re her most incredibly smelly pair of shoes yet, it should be a good one!

Bones Asics Nimbus

Here’s an update on some of Bones favorite shoes this summer. We gave her these Asics Gel Nimbus to replace the Mizuno running shoes she had been wearing for her workouts and since then she’s taken it to the next level. Bones fell in love with these shoes and somehow found a way to wear them more than she ever did, you’re going to be impressed when you see in what condition they are now, stay tuned for updates!

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s just start by enjoying the images from the very first day she tried them on at my temporary studio during the winter.

Mystery girl’s Asics Gel Nimbus

Here’s what I can tell you for now. This may be one of our new models but she’s very much undecided for now. I did help her find some new running shoes and I’m also going to sell some of her used ones to clear space in her closet. This girl is a marathon runner, she wears between a size 8.5 and 9.5, she’s thin and athletic and her narrow ankles look very sexy when she’s not wearing socks; I haven’t managed to convince her completely yet though!

We won’t have a name for her until she decides to sign up officially, in the mean time enjoy the photos and let me know if you have any comments! Oh and you can also find these shoes in the store as I’ve listed them on eBay.

Full image gallery for Gazelle’s Nike Air Max 360

Better late than never. I got busy over the weekend and completely forgot to post the full image gallery for Gazelle’s very nicely used Nike Air Max 360 running shoes. I don’t need to remind you that she wore these running shoes without socks exclusively and as you can see she’s gotten some very good results for a first pair of shoes with us!

I should also note that there are lots of photos of Gazelle’s pretty feet in there as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that too! And of course you’ve still got a chance to snag them before they’re gone, here is a link to the listing on eBay.

In the mean time enjoy the images, just click on this sample to open the gallery!

Someone’s going to want this

Today I met with Gazelle for her first photo update meeting. We supplied her with several pairs of running shoes 6 months ago and this is an example of what she’s been up to.

I think she’s done a good job, let me know if you agree… She was wearing these Nike Air Max 360’s when I met her on this very nice afternoon, she told me she’d been wearing them since early morning and that she had them on most of last week and through the weekend.

She hopes she’s done a good job with these first shoes and she’s very curious to hear any comments you may have. I think she’s done very well myself, the shoes are ready to be shipped out; I’ll post them for sale on eBay but if someone really wants them now I can end the auction early. Just email me with your best offer and I can ship them out tomorrow! In the mean time these Nikes went in a shipping bag straight off herĀ  feet and they’re still warm and damp with her sweat, needless to say they smell very potent.

Here’s a first look at the imprints on her insoles.

And we can clearly see the marks on the tops of her pretty feet from spending so much time in these shoes without socks on. Imagine the smell when you’re this close!