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Sportiva a while ago

So as you can imagine while I’ve been away I’ve also accumulated some new material which I’ve never posted to the last site. I’m going to start going through this even though it’s not recent any more; you guys haven’t seen it yet and I figure you may enjoy it.

Almost two years have passed since these shots were taken and you can just imagine how worn out these shoes are now. You’ll likely find them in the store in the near future in fact.

In the mean time enjoy the images, just click on the photo to open the full gallery.

Fresh start

Okay it’s time for a fresh start. I’ve been impossibly busy in the last couple years and I’ve had to let go of the website unfortunately. I just took too much time to update and it cost too much money to run. I miss it though so I’ve decided to try a simpler blog style to see how that works.

Here’s what we’re going to do. First I have all these great girls here who love to model their running shoes so I’m going to start taking photos of them again. Second these girls all have really really worn out running shoes now and we’re going to need to do something about that. We’re going to sell their shoes and most importantly we’re going to return their sponsored shoes to their rightful owners. I have to apoligize about how painfully long this process has been, I hope to make amends and sort everything out shortly.

In the mean time the good news for everyone is that I don’t have a billing system installed yet so you all get to see the full size photos for now… It’s not going to last forever though;  I need to pay for the hosting and all these shoes I keep buying for the girls! I hope a few people will sign up when I reactivate that feature within the blog.

To get things started let me introduce you properly to one of our new models, Gazelle. She’s a runner and she also gets to wear running shoes to work every single day. If that’s not enough for you she wears them at home on evenings and weekends too. Physically speaking Gazelle is a very fit tall girl, she has impossibly long legs and her shoe size is a 9.5 or 10.

These photos are from the first shoot we did together, this is when Gazelle came in to show me what shoes she had and she left with a shopping bag full of new ones. She left her sports socks behind too and since it’s been over 6 months she says some of her shoes smell stronger than she ever thought possible. We’ll be meeting up for some photo updates and we can all check out her insoles then, I’m sure it won’t be disappointing.

In the mean time these Asics are for sale and we’ll have them listed on eBay shortly with updated photos. Keep an eye on the store to see when that happens! Click on the photo to open the image gallery, and enjoy!


Gazelle's Asics Gel GT-2150