Monthly Archives: April 2011

Lunch with SM

Just a quick post to show what was under the table during my lunch with SM. With this warm weather we’ve been seeing a lot more bare ankles around here!

SM got these Shox NZ four months ago and she’s been wearing them to work out at the gym several times a week since, apparently they already smell a lot and she is looking forward to showing off her progress in a photo shoot.



Listed on eBay: Kat’s worn out New Balance 1222

Women's Used / Worn New Balance 1222 Sz 7 Running Shoes

Today I’ve listed a pair of New Balance 1222 which was used by our model Kat for her workouts and casually. Kat is a runner so the shoes are nicely worn in and of course she runs without socks too so you’ll find nice imprints of her shapely feet inside these shoes. Note that for the photos in thisĀ  eBay listing our model Bones is wearing Kat’s shoes to show them off, in the mean time there are plenty more photos from when Kat used to wear them in the main site’s Kat Gallery section.