Monthly Archives: March 2011

New model Gazelle’s first pair of Asics for sale!

Hi everyone, in celebration of spring and the upcoming nice weather we’re clearing up the stockroom, meeting up with all the models and I’m gearing up to restart the website in full swing. I won’t have that ready for another couple weeks though, but in the mean time I’m surrounded by these wonderful women who have a ton of worn out running shoes for sale!

This is our new model Gazelle, and this is the first pair of shoes she’s selling with us. This is an athlete we’re talking about, Gazelle stands about 5’10” tall and her shoe size is a 10. She’s started getting her feet into some size 9.5 shoes as she’s getting used to wear them without socks more and more but for her really long runs she prefers to have more room and she’ll wear up to a size 10.5.

These Asics have been worn to race in a marathon, multiple smaller 10k events and countless training runs. We’ll have a proper introduction with her soon as I start up a new section for her on the site. In the mean time I hope you enjoy these few pictures and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you’re interested in purchasing the shoes!

Loulou’s New Balance and Funky’s Asics on eBay

Moving right along in the inventory clearance I just listed two nice pairs of shoes which are crowding our shelves. Have a look at them and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions before bidding if you’re interested!

First we have Funky’s Asics Gel Kinsei running shoes.

Women's Used/Worn Asics Gel Kinsei Sz 9.5 Running Shoes

Second we have Loulou’s New Balance 764 running shoes.

Women's Used / Worn New Balance 764 Sz 9 Running Shoes

Bones Mizuno Wave Creation

I’ve just listed another pair of running shoes to clear the shelves.

Mizuno Wave Creation

Bones has been wearing these running shoes on and off mostly for her workouts over the last couple years. She’s worn them without socks since the very first day though and she’s always really appreciated how soft and absorbent those shoes were inside. The insoles are navy blue so they don’t show imprints as much as light colored ones but they still have the nice shape of her feet imprinted darker in them. Nothing wrong with the shoes, she’s just fallen in love with a different pair of Asics while she was in the studio and decided to move on!

Kat’s Asics Gel Kayano XIII

I’ve just listed on eBay a pair of Asics Gel Kayano which were worn by Kat. As many of you know Kat is a runner and she never wears socks so these shoes have endured some pretty solid workouts.

Many thanks to Bones who volunteered to model a bunch of shoes I have in stock. It’s her pretty ankles you are admiring here.

Kat's Used / Worn Asics Gel Kayano Sz 7 Running Shoes


More pictures can be found in Kat’s Gallery

Inventory Clearance

Hi all, I hope last year’s treated everyone well. I’ve gone through some difficult times over here, hence my long absence. Rest assured I haven’t actually given up and you’ll see more action soon. In the mean time I’m working at getting the website back up and running so we can all take advantage of spring and approaching summer season where all our great models spend so much time in their wonderful running shoes!

First things first, Spring Cleaning! some of the models were nice enough to swing by my temporary studio to try on a ton of running shoes so I can list them on eBay and clear the shelves. I hope you find something you like!

Here’s the first listing on eBay

Women's Used / Worn Asics Gel Nimbus Sz 7 Running Shoes

Credit goes out to my wonderful model Bones who’s beautiful ankles you are enjoying here. Here bare feet are a perfect fit for running shoes in a size 7.5 so they were quite tight in all the size 7 shoes I have in stock; Bones didn’t mind though and she spent several hours modeling for us today.