Monthly Archives: August 2010

A quick hello from SM

Even though I don’t have the site reopened yet (sorry all!) I figured you’d enjoy this. Yesterday SM sent me those two cell phone pics. Apparently she’s been doing a killer job on those shoes. Those were her comments via email:

-” … you can imagine they smell a lot, I’m sure the people on the site will love it when we take pictures of those, the insoles are just out of control! They have my own sweet smell as usual, like all my other Shox so that hasn’t changed but it’s surprisingly strong with these shoes. I say surprising because I didn’t think it could ever be that much to be honest, it’s just insane when I take them off after a full day like this!! Probably my best yet!

I’m going on vacation in a real warm place next week, I’ll be jogging in the morning and visiting lots of stuff, I think I’m going to bring these shoes just to see if it’s possible to get them even worse, we should really meet for pictures when I come back. I’ll try and take some shots when I’m out there too!

Ciao, SM xo”

Looks promising, no?