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So I’m taking a short break. I’ll be around if you want to send me an email. I’ve changed work this year and I need more time to start my new business. I’ll be back, nothing to worry about.

What about the models? They’re all doing great! They’re loving their running shoes, whether you sponsored them or I supplied them. You can be certain they’re still wearing them without socks all the time and in fact many of the girls have shoes that smell so much they’re looking forward to my return so we can show them off!

What about members? I’m going to stop all active subscriptions so you don’t have to pay while there are no updates. You will keep access to the member’s section until I start updating the site again; at that time you will have to sign back up.

How long? At least two months, maybe more! I’m away from my home town for a while and I’ll be a while before I’m back with the models to take care of our business.

This summer is going to be great, check out the blog once in a while, I may upload a few pictures once in a while when I have a minute. I have new models starting up, one has just recently signed up and she’ll be featured for the first time ever when I return in a few months! You’ll like this new girl, she’s tall and has impossibly long legs, she wears a size 9.5 and she’s a runner. It doesn’t get any better, does it?

Speak soon,


Lilly’s Nike’s from last summer

Lilly's Nike Shox Experience
Lilly's Nike Shox Experience

Here is the rest of the shots I have from Lilly when she received these Nike Shox last summer. You should see what they look like now, she’s made some really nice progress with them.  Lilly has been getting so many compliments from wearing these shoes that it seems she spent even more time than usual in them – always without socks of course; the insides are wearing out very well.

Before the Oscars… Sandra Bullock in Asics and workout gear

Sandra Bullock's Asics
Sandra Bullock's Asics

Before she cleaned up at the Oscars Sandra Bullock was spotted in workout gear, looking fantastic. It’s hard to argue with her great figure, and it’s especially interesting for us to see that she’s really not wearing socks in her Asics Gel Nimbus. Always nice to see a well known celebrity enjoying a great pair of running shoes and not wearing socks in them. We have the high-rez images here!

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