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Kat’s Saucony Progrid Ride 5

Kat's Saucony Progrid Ride 5

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an update from Kat, I’ve been spacing out the photos I have of this model because she’s been unavailable for several months. This is unfortunately the last pictures I have of her, and although we speak regularly she won’t be available for photos for a little while.

In the mean time you can rest assured Kat wears her running shoes as much as she ever has; and when she makes her next appearance on the site she should have some great looking sneakers for us.

Happy Holidays with Sportiva

It wasn’t the Holidays yet when Sportiva opened up this nice present but you can bet she was just as thrilled!

Sportiva's new Nike Shox Experience
Sportiva's new Nike Shox Experience

Our gym trainer has been showing great results on her running shoes in the little amount of time she’s been with us and it’s already started paying off. Sportiva is now wearing these awesome Nike running shoes, graciously supplied by one of our great sponsors. Our model Bones has been wearing out a pair of these shoes this summer and you can trust me when I say the Nike Shox Experience has great potential.

Loulou’s Nike Free 7.0

Loulous Nike Free 7.0
Loulou's Nike Free 7.0

For a runner like Loulou it’s important to work on form and stride, running with these shoes helps her do this. The Nike Free is designed to run without socks and their special shape and sole makes the runner very aware of what their feet are doing, it’s a great way to make keep their form and stride well tuned.

Sportiva’s Asics after a workout

Sportivas Asics Gel 2140
Sportiva's Asics Gel 2140

Here we meet up with Sportiva after her workout. It’s getting cold out here and she did a cross training workout indoors before driving home where she kept her running shoes on just to show us her great progress. The Asics have never smelled this much, they’re officially very nicely worn now.

This is the first pair of shoes she’s ever worn exclusively without socks, it’s a turning point in her career! Sportiva’s going to be ready to sell them soon, watch out for their appearance in our store!

More running with Bones

Bones Nike Shox Experience
Bones Nike Shox Experience

We’re still following Bones as she runs around the block. She was done with her workout when I got her to go back out and run… That means her shoes were in their best shape ever. It’s a good thing she likes how they feel because their smell is just incredible.

You have to admit Bones has some very nice looking ankles, it’s just so nice that she always runs without socks too!