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Running tips with triathlete Lokelani McMichael

As you know many of the models on runningTradeIn are runners, andyou have to admit we’re pretty lucky to have this collection of wonderful women who never wear socks. It’s rare enough to find a woman who doesn’t wear socks casually but getting runners is even tougher. I’ve been thinking I should try and recruit some triathletes as these girls very often run without socks. Maybbe some day I’ll find one who’s willing to cooperate with me!

In the mean time enjoy world-class triathlete Lokelani McMichael. This is good running advice for beginners and it doesn’t hurt that pretty Lokelani is wearing her Nike Air Max Tailwinds without socks both for the interview AND for the running segments. Very nice!

SM’s Nike Shox Turbo III

SMs Nike Shox Turbo III
SM's Nike Shox Turbo III

We catch up with SM while she’s raking some leaves in the backyard on a nice, sunny and warm autumn day. This girl has always been fond of the Nike shoes in the Turbo family and these Turbo III’s are no exception. They’re light, soft and absorbent inside and she has a way to make them smell extremely strong; they’re definitely great shoes!

Let’s go running with our model Bones!

Bones Nike Shox Experience
Bones Nike Shox Experience

Last time I met up with Bones she was coming back from running. She was wearing cropped tights and as usual she was sporting her Nike Shox Experience. I got her to make a few extra laps around the block so I could snap a few pictures and show off her great slim athletic shape. Imagine having this girl jogging in your neighborhood – and now imagine finding out that on all those summer days she never once wore socks in her Nikes!

Her lucky sponsor is in for a nice treat when she’s done with these shoes, they’re soft and warm and they are by far the best smelling shoes Bones has ever had!

Back from vacation – with a hit of Sportiva!

Sportivas Nike Shox Turbo IV
Sportiva's Nike Shox Turbo IV

Here we are, back in full force and well rested after some time off. The girls have all been busy wearing their shoes, some of them have received new sponsored shoes, thank you very much to all! To kick things off we stopped by and met Sportiva recently. She was coming home from a day at work and she had also worked out that same day. Her Shox Turbo IV’s smell extremely strong now, especially when she wears them for a long time like that. You gotta love a woman who never wears socks; even when she’s wearing long pants. Very nice when we finally get a glimpse of her ankles! Enjoy the images.


Hang on everyone … it’s going to be a little slow for the next week, I don’t really have much access to the internet for a while. The good news is that I have new photo sets with Bones, Sportiva and SM in stock! Check them out soon! :-)

Loulou takes off her Nikes after running.

Loulous Nike Air Max 180
Loulou's Nike Air Max 180

First we went running with Loulou to make sure her Nike’s were back up to 100% of their potential. That must have worked well because when she pulled them off her feet the smell was noticeable even out in the park where we were, the insoles were soaked with yet another dose of her sweat; and she packed the shoes away immediately so we could ship them to her great sponsor. Yet another happy customer. Who’s next?

Ashley Tisdale! Another awesome sockless sneaker girl!

Ashley Tisdale's Nike Shox
Ashley Tisdale's Nike Shox

You may have never heard of Ashley Tisdale but if you follow my blog over the next few months you may start to really like her. The star of “High School Musical” spends a lot of time at the gym, and she’s seen wearing running shoes very often. The good news for us is that Ashley never wears socks in her running shoes! We don’t know why of course, but we certainly appreciate what she’s doing here. The paparazzi are doing a good job of capturing her under every possible angle, showing off her beautiful ankles and her running shoes without socks. She’s awesome!

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Lilly’s bare feet & Nike Shox Experience

Lillys Nike Shox Experience
Lilly's Nike Shox Experience

Last time we met with Lilly, a few months ago, we set her up with a pair of Nike Shox Experience. Lilly has extremely high arches so we wanted to make sure she was going to be comfortable in her new Nikes. Bones got a fantastic pair of Shox Experience through one of our great sponsors last summer and she’s confirmed that these shoes are comfortable for girls with very high arches. When we found a good deal on a pair for Lilly we decided to get her started.

Members enjoy 43 pictures in this update and 20 of those show off Lilly’s high arches and curvy bare feet in great detail immediately after she pulled her warm and sweaty New Balance running shoes off. Enjoy!

Lauren Conrad: Sockless sneaker girl!

Check out Lauren Conrad, one of the sexy stars of The Hills as she takes a power walk close to her house with a friend. It’s a beautiful warm day and Lauren was wearing leggings and her Asics running shoes – without socks! Every time we’ve seen Lauren wearing these Asics running shoes she didn’t have socks on, she’s doing a fantastic job. Even with a friend who’s wearing very short socks, Lauren didn’t change her good habits. Good job!

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Something a little different… SM’s Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti

Check out these crazy shoes / boots! Based on the famous Nike Air Max 95, Nike has extended the shoes into a fully laced boot! They have added a side zipper for ease of use, they’ve added insulation and padding inside to make them nice and warm and best of all they have maintained the super soft material which most 95’s have inside. Even the insole is white.

It doesn’t get much better than this as far as we’re concerned. We found a pair for our awesome model SM and she’s given them her blessing. She’s going to wear these without socks all winter, especially on her walk to the gym and coming back. You can rest assured that when SM takes off her extremely smelly running shoes at the gym, her sweaty bare feet will go straight into these boots, there’s a good chance they will develop a great smell of their own!

Enjoy the images, members have 61 pictures in their gallery.

SMs Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti
SM's Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti