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Funky’s new Kayanos – Part 2

Funkys Asics Gel Kayano 13
Funky's Asics Gel Kayano 13

Here’s the rest of the images from the last photo session with Funky; showing off her brand new Asics Gel Kayano 13’s. I’m willing to bet the shoes don’t look like that at all any more nowadays, Funky has great potential and I’m sure she’s putting lots of mileage in these shoes. We’ll get an update from her soon, before winter settles in. In the mean time enjoy these photos of our athletic model and her strong legs!

Megan Fox in Nikes; No Socks!

This is one of the best web finds I’ve been sent up to now, thanks to one of the site’s great contributors! Megan Fox was spotted leaving Zach’s Cafe, she’s wearing black cropped leggings and a pair of Nike running shoes without socks. The Nike’s are loose and untied, her bare feet are slipping out of them, she couldn’t look any more sexy if she tried.

Makes me wonder if she wears these running shoes without socks all the time… How fanstastic would that be!?

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Megan Fox in Nikes without socks
Megan Fox in Nikes; No Socks!

Running with Loulou in her Nikes

Loulous Nike Air Max 180
Loulou's Nike Air Max 180

We were about to send the Nike Air Max 180’s to their rightful owner, one of the great sponsors working with us here at runningTradeIn. Loulou made sure to spend the week wearing these shoes even though they smelled way more than most people can tolerate. To finish things off properly I went running with Loulou for a little 5k, a couple times around a very big park. At the end I skipped the last lap, went back to get the camera to catch Loulou finishing her run. I was out of breath and the pictures aren’t great (sorry!) but you still get the point. In our next installment Loulou takes the 180’s off and they stink up the whole park! :-)

SM’s Sponsored Nike Shox CL

SMs Nike Shox CL
SM's Nike Shox CL

Even though those pictures are a couple months old now these are the type of shoes SM really likes wearing in colder weather. She’s been making great progress with them, they have nice imprints of her feet on their white insoles and by that time in the studio the smell was very present! She’s spending a lot of time in them nowadays, leather shoes like this keep her feet warm and that way sne never has to wear socks! Members get to enjoy 50 pictures in this set!

Cinderella’s Nike Shox NZ

Cinderellas Nike Shox NZ
Cinderella's Nike Shox NZ

Here’s a nice photo set of our sexy Cinderella playing around in the sand with her sponsored Nike Shox NZ.  Cinderella is on vacation this week, she’s running on the beach and playing in the sea. When she comes back we’re going to schedule a fantastic photo shoot to show off her nice tanned skin. Stay tuned for that!

Lilly takes off her New Balance 768

Lillys New Balance 768
Lilly's New Balance 768

Lilly has done a great job with these New Balance, they are the most smelly pair she’s ever had and it seems like she has really enjoyed wearing these ones. She’s ready to move on now so the shoes are available in our store. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll work out the details! As a side note, those of you who enjoy women’s feet with very high arches should appreciate these pictures of Lilly. This shy model has extremely high arches, even when she’s not trying to show them off it’s quite obvious. Enjoy!