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SM’s Bare Feet + Shox Turbo III

SMs Nike Shox Turbo III
SM's Nike Shox Turbo III

In the runningTradeIn Studio we’re progressing through SM’s collection of running shoes… After a few pairs of shoes when SM modeled her white and orange Nike Shox CL her feet were getting sweaty so when she switched for her Nike Shox Turbo III their smell was revived instantly.

When she took the Turbo III’s off her feet their strong smell filled the studio. The insoles of those shoes are starting to look nice as well, it just goes to show how much potential they have. I thought that was a great opportunity to show off SM’s absolutely beautiful feet. I hope you enjoy them!

Retrospective – Loulou

Retrospective - Loulou
Retrospective - Loulou

A couple days ago I broke the news that Loulou is back, I don’t have any new material to post yet but I figured I would do everybody a favor and start by posting a retrospective of all the shoes she’s been through. I found so many nice pictures of her from previous years that I ended up creating 3 photo galleries, and as a very special bonus the free samples galleries contain the full sized image sets and full quality pictures!

For those who don’t know her, Loulou has beautiful, slim and very flexible feet with high arches and long toes. She wears a size 9 in running shoes and she never wears socks. Even when running in the winter, in the snow; she still doesn’t wear socks. Her shoes rate “extreme” on the smell scale, they are not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!

Bones Nike Shox Deliver

Funkys Nike Shox Deliver
Bones Nike Shox Deliver

Enjoy these shoes while you can see them because Bones recently received a new sponsorship and she’s started to wear yet another pair of very hot Nike’s. As we always do, our sponsor’s shoes get priority treatment and that means the Shox Deliver are going back on the shelves while Bones wears her sponsored running shoes. Enjoy!

Loulou is back!

That’s right, Loulou is back!

Those of you who have been following this site for a while know that one of our best models ever was Loulou. She’s been away for over a year but she’s just moved back in town and she’s looking forward to contributing to the site again! I’ll have a retrospective image gallery of her up on the site very soon, and we’re meeting shortly for some great new pictures.

worn_reebok_small worn_pegasus_small

I love Nike Shox Turbo III

SMs Nike Shox Turbo III
SM's Nike Shox Turbo III

So sue me, I just love these running shoes. Can’t explain why. That’s the reason SM has this pair which she really loves wearing (thankfully!), I just had to have one of our models wear one pair. They’ve never been featured on the site and SM doesn’t wear them very often since she spends most of her time in her sponsored running shoes. Still, she managed to make these shoes really smell a lot in a very short amount of time, some day they’re going to be a great buy; watch out for them in our store in the future!

It was very hot in the studio while we were shooting these pictures, SM had shown up wearing her Nike Shox Turbo IV SL which smell extremely strong. Then she changed from one pair of running shoes to the other repeatedly and by the time she got into these Turbo III’s her feet were really hot and sweaty and the smell was filling the studio…

Cinderella’s Shox Turbo

Cinderellas Nike Shox Turbo
Cinderella's Nike Shox Turbo

Look what we found in the archives! A whole photo set of Cinderella’s Nike Shox Turbo from last year, before we shipped them to their new owner in Spring! These shoes have been everywhere with Cinderella, you can see lots of pictures of them at the beginning of her gallery. The shoes are long gone though, so enjoy the images!

Sportiva’s other shoes, Reeboks

Sportivas Reeboks
Sportiva's Reeboks

When we met with Sportiva the first time she was wearing these Reebok running shoes. She had just finished working at the gym and she was coming with me for some shoe shopping. She was wearing short socks in her Reeboks as she normally did, although she knew what was involved in being a model. She tried on shoes at various stores and she always tried them on without socks, eventually she settled on her Asics GT2140.

Since then she’s been wearing the Asics a lot, and of course she’s never worn socks in them which she seems to enjoy just fine. In fact, her Asics smell a lot now, and she’s starting to rotate wearing her Reeboks again for work and sports; but this time around she never wears socks in them either. With a bit of luck she’ll get some great results with the Reeboks too, and all of these shoes will be in our store soon. They look great on her feet, don’t they?

By the way, anybody know the exact model name of these running shoes? Shoot me an email…