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Funky comes to the studio…

But before we got her in there I snapped a few pictures of her as she arrived in her very cute skirt. She loves her colorful Asics Noosa, not only are they great to run in without socks but they’re sure to brighten her outfits too! She wears them casually very often and on a really hot day like today their smell was quite extreme, noticeable even while she’s still wearing them… already!

Stand by, in an upcoming update she’ll take them off inside the studio…

Funkys Asics Gel Noosa
Funky's Asics Gel Noosa

There’s no better Experience…

Nike Shox Experience
Nike Shox Experience

I had a good feeling about the Nike Shox experience when they first came out at my local stores… I immediately noticed that Nike used material inside which was even softer than before and the shoes have very soft and absorbent padding. Even the red Nike+ insole is different from other models, it’s even softer. I call this having great potential, if the shoes are extremely comfortable then the girls tend to wear them even more. That usually makes them smell even more, but the girls will ignore that and keep on wearing them because they love them so much.

This is exactly what happened when one of our generous sponsors setup Bones with a pair of Shox Experience. She can’t stop wearing them, she’s got them on almost every time I see her and she’s getting fantastic results. We’re lucky to have girls like her, and in those Nike’s the chemistry is just perfect. No matter how much their smell increases it’s always very nice and she keeps trying to outdo herself.

If you think you’d like to sponsor one of our models, have a look at the Shox Experience; you won’t be disappointed!

Cinderella’s latest sponsored shoes

Cinderellas new Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009
Cinderella's new Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009

In case you missed it, Cinderella received some new shoes from a sponsor a little while ago and these are the very first pics we have of her pulling them on her feet, straight out of the box.  You may recall from previous posts that Cinderella had just taken off her Nike Shox NZ, so her feet were already very warm and sweaty when she tried on the Tailwinds – it’s the perfect way to get them started!

Bones in the studio

Bones Nike Shox Experience
Bones Nike Shox Experience

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bones came by the studio a few weeks ago to show us her great progress with her sponsored Nike Shox Experience. She’s been wearing these running shoes relentlessly and she was nice enough to jog over an hour to meet me, so we can see her nice legs and get the full impact from how smelly her shoes are. Stand by for when she takes them off, in the mean time enjoy these images!

Not for the faint of heart…

SMs Nike Shox Turbo IV SL
SM's Nike Shox Turbo IV SL

You have to understand, the “SL” in the name of these Nike Shox Turbo IV SL running shoes stands for “Synthetic Leather”. That means the shoes look very sleek and they’re easy to clean on the outside, it also means that they make SM’s feet sweat way more than usual. When she wears them for a workout as she’d been doing on the day we took these pictures, the shoes become loaded with sweat and they take very long to dry out, that means they smell a LOT more.

We’re very blessed to have models like SM working with us here, no matter how mcuh they smell she still loves wearing these shoes! On warm weather days they’re very impressive, with insoles like this after just one month you can imagine what they’re like today!

Kat goes running

I was with Kat after lunch several weeks ago and after we took pictures of her Nike Shox Turbo IV and packed them up for shipping to their new happy owner she slipped her warm bare feet in her New Balance 1222. The Nike’s made her feet really smell a lot, why not use this opportunity to transfer as much smell as possible to her New Balance – and THEN go out for a run to seal it in with lots of sweat.

Kat loves running, and we’re very lucky that girls like her prefer running without socks!

Kats New Balance 1222
Kat's New Balance 1222

Lilly – revisited

We haven’t had good material from Lilly in a while, it’s been hard to meet up with her but rest assured this is coming to an end very soon… In the mean time here is part 2 of the last photo session we had done with this impressively high arched model and her very smelly New Balance 768 running shoes.

Lillys New Balance 768
Lilly's New Balance 768