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Kat’s New Balance 1222

Check out what Kat has been up to. She’s been running in a pair of New Balance 1222 for a little while and they now have very nice imprints on the insoles. Kat’s been doing a great job with these shoes as usual. Here she’s lacing up to go out for a run, her warm feet were already very smelly from the Nike’s she had been wearing at home all morning – it’s one of the best ways to make sure those New Balance smell a much as possible!

Kats New Balance 1222
Kat's New Balance 1222

Funky’s making quick progress…

Our model Funky sent in a progress report yesterday and we think she’s going to get fantastic results with her shoes. She’s been wearing her Asics Noosa without socks ever since she first got them, and that has included a lot of running.

It’s been less than a month and she says the shoes smell so much it’s noticeable while she’s wearing them, even standing up! Thankfully she’s getting lots more shoes from some great sponsors and we’re sure she’s going to do a great job this summer!

Funkys Asics Gel Noosa
Funky's Asics Gel Noosa

Lilly is back!

We haven’t heard from Lilly in a while… Her gallery is now back online, and we’ll be filling it with new updates through summer. She’s been working very hard on her New Balance 768’s, and you can now find them in the store. Make your offers now, we’ll be giving Lilly a new pair of shoes very soon!

Lillys New Balance 768
Lilly's New Balance 768


One of our models has been working HARD on these Nike Shox Turbo IV SL… Can you guess who it is?

The synthetic leather means her feet sweat even more and I can assure you these shoes smell extremely strong. She plans on keeping these for a long time, they’re going to be spectacular when she’s done with them… Who will be the lucky buyer? Look out for them in the store when they make their appearance on our main site!

Nike Shox Turbo IV SL
Nike Shox Turbo IV SL

… and fresh news from Loulou as well!

Yes, that’s right… For those of you who remember our superfit runner Loulou from over a year ago; she’s still alive and well; still running, still spending lots of time in running shoes… I’ve exchanged a few emails with her today and she’s in great shape – still working and studying hard in another country. She plans on being back in September and promised we won’t be disappointed with what she’s done to her shoes.

With a bit of luck she’ll send us some more postcards of her fantastic feet in her various sneakers… We’ll re-introduce her image gallery on the main site once she’s back as a full time active model, in the mean time here’s a few of her great pics.

Nike Air Max 180 - Rowing
Nike Air Max 180 - Rowing
Nike Air Max 180 - Hiking
Nike Air Max 180 - Hiking

News from our new model – Sportiva!

So we’ve got yet another new model joining us this summer. Her name is “Sportiva”, she’s a gym teacher, she works out hard, she’s a climber and a massage therapist. All of this means she’s in running shoes all the time and we think she’s a fantastic addition to runningTradeIn! This cool sporty girl also has very small feet, she’s a size 6 in women’s running shoes – especially now that she’s completely stopped wearing socks.

We met Sportiva a couple weeks ago and set her up with a new pair of Asics 2140 running shoes to get her started. She tried the Asics on without socks at a local store and she loved how soft they are inside, it’s the perfect shoe to get used to our system.

We wish her great success here, her first photo shoot is coming up soon, and if any of you guys are interested in sponsoring girls with very small feet you may want to start thinking about this one seriously! She likes New Balance, Asics and Nike Air running shoes (no Shox for this one!)

Sportiva's new Asics 2140
Sportiva's new Asics 2140

042 | Bones takes off her Shox Experience

Bones Nike Shox Experience  {Sponsored}
Bones Nike Shox Experience {Sponsored}

Bones spent the day working from home wearing her new Shox Experience when we met up with her for those pictures. These shoes are soft, very absorbent and it seems like they have fantastic potential. Since these pictures have been taken Bones reports these shoes now smell a lot more than she’d ever expected. Stand by for her next updates!